Approaching for Election 2020, the More States looking for teens to vote at School

Recently, an 18-year-old girl showcased her idea and spared two days to school for pre-voter
registration to participate in the Florida School Board Association. Her proposal can be easily
adopted by the districts only if the Superintendents of the Florida Association of District School
or the school board group signs on the document. While approaching for the 2020 Presidential
election, the big role in terms of income will be a question for the young Americas about voting
and whom to vote. Any America teens who complete by 18 can easily pre-register to vote on
Election Day.
According to the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures), the Columbia District and
Florida states (along with other 14 states) will allow the teens to pre-register for voting after
completing 16 years. Some states are entirely different and planned to allow the students to
pre-register from their schooling itself. Especially in California, the last two weeks in April & as
well as September months are assigned as High School Voter Education Weeks. During these
weeks, the respective schools need to coordinate with the county election officials for guiding
the students for the voting process.
In Florida, the Voter-registration resolution is successfully implemented by the local school
board located in Leon County. The Leon High School seniors had planned to integrate with the
Student Government Association Project. She initiated a uniform system for the County and
made it much easier for the school students to register themselves for the voting process and
successfully started the project. As per the resolution, the Leon County registration process is
started in September on the National Voter Registration Day and as well as in January, Martin
Luther King Jr. holiday for every year in schools.
She informed that while at 16, she pre-registered for the voting process through the online
platform and recently got her voter registration card. Billy Epting, the Leon School Principal
informed us that it is better to start the voting process from a young age which will inspire
them to vote in the future as well. She is also congratulated by the Leon Schools
Superintendent for her potential idea.

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