PewDiePie, the controversial YouTube star informed that he is taking a break in 2020

PewDiePie is referred and labeled as a racist and anti-Semite. Felix Kjelberg the controversial
Swedish vlogger is more popular and now referred to as PewDiePie informed that he is going to
take a break from the YouTube platform in early 2020 since he is tired and feeling very tired.
This announcement was posted as a video over the online platform by PewDiePie over this
weekend. This interval is apparently temporary and PewDiePie informed that he will away for a
little while from the YouTube platform and explain its entire reason more lately.
He is one of the best and most popular online video megastar has more than 110 million
subscribers and followers on his YouTube channel and often vlogs about memes & video
games. Most of his devise views will change the elements embraced for the far right. In 2017,
the YouTube owner along with Disney utilized the Google platform to terminate the tie-up with
PewDiePie since they heard that he had utilized numerous racial slurs for his live streams.
Moreover, he also posted a video content featuring that two men holding on their hands with a
signboard stating that “Death to all Jews”, which created an impact over the online platform.
Earlier this year, PewDiePie also referenced a hateful manifesto of about 74-page about the
suspected white supremacist gunman, who killed the lives of around 50 people at two different
mosques in New Zealand.
However, this is not accepted by numerous subscribers and followers over the internet.
PewDiePie informed through his Twitter page stating that he is feeling absolutely sad for
spoiling his name by this person. Even though he had denied about the anti-Semitic and racist
allegations against him, he did canceled the earlier pledge that was made in September for
donating around $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League Charity of Jewish anti-hate

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