Fighting Over an American Monument ~ Citizens Ask How do you differentiate between an American Hero and a Symbol of Hate

A woman named Demetria McFarland, who is a fifth-grade teacher, started a petition that led to the removal of a statue that was sitting outside the Harrison County courthouse in Marshall, Texas, since 1905.

The statue had writing that said “”CONFEDERATE””. The black woman said that it epitomizes the slavery and torture my ancestors went through. The statement was enough to order the removal of the statue because of the ongoing state of the country.

As the civil rights movement engages, more statues removed down, which shows the tremendous loss of American men and women.
The movement is getting bigger and stronger as the Mississippi state passed a bill to create the new flag with no associated emblems. Moreover, Princeton university took down the name of President Wilson’s name off the college as it showed racial encouragement. And in New York, an official of the state took down the statue of Spanish Diego De Vargas, who brutalized American people.

Many petitions and cases are against several monuments that degraded the black lives and only honored the other ones. However, on the great 4rth of July, the President increased the spark for the movement and traveled to Mount Rushmore to dictate that the country built by men and women who were not heroes but villains.

Jenner Runyon, a research staffer, has said that there is a spike in the petition for changing names of various mountains, parks, and other public places that overpower the black lives. Claims to have a dozen proposals on racial monuments that need to change in the upcoming years.

An example of such changes is the mountain called Jeff Davis peak that implicates the confederate President will change to Da-Ek Dow Go-et mountain which means

Jenner Runyon says that they review all kinds of petitions and changes, but you need to have the changed names which people and communities can relate to.

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