The usage of Hydroxychloroquine has been one of the most political issues for treating coronavirus patients. A top White House official declared that the drug is highly effective while treating early stages of coronavirus, the part of politicizing the drug is silly.

Hydroxychloroquine is malaria treating drug that is highly effective in treating early coronavirus patients. However, the mainstream media and some medical communities have made this a battle between President Trump and others. The drug has provided benefits for more than 60 years and is given to pregnant women while suffering from malaria.

A doctor from Detroit Hospital filed a request for the usage of hydroxychloroquine under three main stages of clinical treatment. One, to ensure the prevention, secondary as possible prophylaxis, and third for first treatment usage.

However, the allegations made for the drug might be true as the patients treated with hydroxychloroquine displayed an astonishing result, which was a reduced 50% mortality rate.

On the other hand, Doctor Peter Navarro said that the odds of getting hydroxy hysteria are way smaller than the odds of providing you treatment from coronavirus.
He also said India is widely using the drug to treat patients of coronavirus, and we are politicizing the drug while the spike of the pandemic is severely growing every day.

He said if you look at the 14-day arc of the virus, the first 7 days are the most crucial ones to heal the patient because, at this point, the lungs are not fully infected, and other organs are not infected yet. Fortunately, the drug has medical benefits that create alkalinity on your cell, which slows and even down the replication process of the virus.

Navarro said that the usage of the drug could save the lives of tens and thousands of American men and women, rather than politicizing the drug, we must start acting and treating infected ones.

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