In 2015 Donald Trump Tweeted on welcoming international students to study in their prestigious and world-class institutes and now have offered them to leave and return to their homes.

The US immigration federation recently detailed that the ongoing semesters have entirely chosen to teach online and have resulted in international students leaving and returning to their country until the pandemic changes its direction.

The decision was taken by the US immigration federation and Custom Enforcement in an account for pressuring the officials to reopen the colleges and universities during the growing infection of coronavirus in adults.

This tactic of Trump has been the move to remove foreigners from the US and pave success for the American citizens. In the last few months, Trump has also made efforts to stop people coming to the United States and making things prosper for its citizens.

One of the tactics to remove foreign engineers and other specialists for the US soil is the temporary suspension of H-1B visas and merit-based immigration visas. However, the move by Trump was named economically stupid but will reform the skilled worker’s job for American citizens.

In the account of the weird news, Trump’s tweet has been rounding in the social media where he dictated the want of foreigners in the US to establish their goals and pursue careers in their suitable fields. However, many experts claimed that Trump already has such agendas that will deteriorate the US as a desired place for students to pursue higher education.

After the elections, when Trump became the President, many experts depicted that he had some shocking agendas in his mind, like prohibiting Muslims from entering the country, suspending educational vivas, building the Mexican Wall.

Yes, you heard it right. Trump always tweets in every 5 Years, welcoming the foreigners to establish their careers in the US soil but fails to show in his administration.

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