The US has seen an alarming spike in the number of covid19 cases. Despite their optimum efforts to slow down the viral infection, there is nothing to date to stop it. Each day is a new record-breaking in the number of cases of covid19 as the disease grows exponentially.

The world has seen the same impact. However, the USA seems to see the worst. The total number of cases have crossed the mark of 2.8 million infected and nearly 130,000 dead.

With an everyday rise in the number of COVID19 patients, the citizens ask the White house –
Isn’t the President responsible for spreading the awareness of wearing masks?

The President of the United States of America has been facing tremendous criticism as he has resisted wearing a mask. The White House claims that the officials from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended wearing masks, but it is not a requirement. Moreover, it is one’s willingness to wear a mask.

However, another administration adviser and the coronavirus task force has tried to warn the citizens of the country to wear a mask. But, there are no proper steps taken to imply the law and provoke the importance of masks.

Do the testing equal more cases?

Trump said that the recent rise in the covid19 cases is pure because of the enormous testing done. Trump even said that he needed to ask the experts to slow down the number of testing as it made the USA look bad.

However, the experts said that the daily testing numbers are around 550,000. But, it needs to increase as the reopening of many states has awakened the monstrous disease spread.

Trump tweeted on June 23 that the rise in the cases is solely because of the significant testing, but Giroir told the members of Congress that the surge depicts the actual spike in the infected regions. Claims that cases are up because of the spreading infection and relaxed social distancing practice.

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