Trump hasn’t yet provided an official statement but claims to have the banning of Tik-Tok as one of the many things to retaliate China over coronavirus, which has infected more than three million citizens in the US and death rate stands at almost 130,000 peoples.

These comments of Trump came on Tuesday after the Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that officials are looking to ban the app.

Officials are looking for banning the app will be one of many steps to retaliate against the Chinese government upon holding the accountability for the rise of such pandemic. The world is facing an economic crisis because of these people who were unable to provide information about the leak of coronavirus.

However, Trump did not offer any specific details on banning the app but is undoubtedly considering the fact. The short video app Tik-Tok has been a subject for compromising the privacy policy over the citizen’s data. According to the children and the inquires done by the US Federal Trade Commission, it has found that the Tik-Tok application is not upholding the several privacy policies and collecting data of 13 years old children without the consent of parental permission.

Fortunately, the CEO of Tik-Tok is an American Citizen working with hundreds of American employees. He claims that no information goes to the Chinese government, nor will it ever be.

However, the statement by the CEO of Tik-Tok does not satisfy any Federal officials as they are thinking of providing the same crisis that China has given to the United States of America and the world.

After India’s recent move to banning almost 60 Chinese apps, the Trump administration is certainly looking at it, says Pompeo. Pompeo and other government officials, also called Tik-Tok, can be a threat in the upcoming days for the US.

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