Is China the Greatest Threat to the United States of America_

Washington never gets tired of detailing China as the only threat to the United States. Many times China has tried to become the sole superpower by fluctuating different neighboring countries around its vast Chinese sea. However, the efforts have always repelled by the United States.

Director Christopher Wray said China wants to emerge as the only superpower. Still, these words were just able to give petty laughter to the citizens of the United States, said the national security agency.
The US has prepared for every attack as it is safer than ever, economically, and militarily. However, the US has always wanted a new enemy after the demise of the Soviet Union and so-called Islamic militants. Both of these were crushed till bone and never had the chance to withstand a world-class and provisioned army.

Moreover, the great British historian once wrote in’ A Study of History’ that civilizations have died on their own hands more than any other enemy. The statement ironically contradicts the situation emerging in China. The case depicts that foreign forces and external armies are just like butter in the bread, making it easy to end the era of civilization.

However, the more dominant threats claimed by the University of Cambridge are issues like deforestation. Climate change, oligarchy, and inequality. Moreover, the US always denied that climate change had brought the worst to the world than any other scenario.

There’s no other country than the United States that has dominated broad corporate and oligarchy culture and encourages environmental degradation. These attributes have resulted in a significant slowdown of lifespan and other economic, social, and political scenarios in the last three decades.
No other countries have put their citizens behind bars than the States of United nations. The majority of people lying behind bars are black, Latino ethnic minorities, and more.
The statement that goes along for China may stand the same for the United States of America as well.

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