OnePlus confirms Nord will have an Ultra-Wide Selfie Camera

OnePlus has announced that the OnePlus Nord will have a selfie camera with an ultra-wide 105-degree field of view. OnePlus confirmed this selfie camera news with a video posted to the Nord’s Instagram Page. However, the company still not confirm the news of the camera, a previous report from Android Central. They have confirmed that the smartphone comes with two selfie cameras: the first is the 8-Megapixel wide-angle camera, and the second one is 32-Megapixel from-facing camera.

OnePlus have shown a prototype device with the dual selfie camera during a documentary about the Nord. The video that OnePlus has posted on Instagram, they have positioned the ultra-wide selfie camera as an alternative to using a selfie stick. You can use this selfie stick to take selfies of groups or just of yourself alongside more of your environment. Now, the ultra-wide selfie camera isn’t the new feature that OnePlus comes up with. Earlier in 2018, Google Pixel 3 comes up with a second 8-Megapixel camera with a97 degree field of view.

The smartphone is released first in India and Europe and is powered by Snapdragon 765G processor. Now, rumors of the smartphone might have a 6.65-inches OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. Sooner, or later you will get to know about all the specifications of the smartphone on July 21. The OnePlus is going to host the launch event for the Nord.

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