Vaccine Nationalism Threaten Global Coronavirus Effect

New propaganda emerges for the distribution of vaccines across the nations. A more than 100 million dollar deal made from a small nation manufacturer for the creation and deployment of vaccines across the globe. However, the developed Vaccine shall be deployed to other nations only when enough supplies has collected for the country which prepared it.

There are numerous ways to treat COVID19 and various vaccines that are being in development to treat patients, which will be useful in treating infected patients. However, the ideal country to develop the Vaccine demands to restore enough doses for its people and then distribute it to nations.

This is what happened when the world was suffering from H1N1 influenza, and Australia was the first to develop an antidote. Australia first secured doses for its entire population and then was escorted to other nations, including the United States. However, the world could rise again more quickly when the entire countries would help each other and perform enough measures to eradicate the pandemic.

Following the procedure, many unions have been forming alliances across the globe, who claims the benefits will be for the countries involved in preparing the vaccines. The associations thus formed like the European Union are creating a European Union strategy that will collaborate with states in the union to develop and distribute Vaccines across the involved nations.

Other efforts have been made by France, Germany, Italy, and Netherland to secure vaccine supplies from the European Union while also providing fair access to other countries.

The COVAX and OMS are other candidates struggling to prepare vaccines for small nations and countries that are unable to provide proper health care to their citizens. However, many opinions have brought upon the US that the United States would be the first country to develop the Vaccine, which seems contradictory.

However, the US might have several candidates for the vaccines, but the success rate of those vaccines might only stand around 17%.

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