Canada and US to extent Ban of non-essential border traffic

As everyone has already known since the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada and the United States of America has continuously been banning the non-essential traffic transfer from one country to another. However, the world and most likely, the impacted countries have seen the situation emerging in the United States of America. On Monday, after the highest spike of new coronavirus cases, the globe has known the most significant number of infected people in a day. Approximately 60,000 new coronavirus cases have reported in the various states of the US.

The situation is growing in number people cannot imagine, which gave rise to the decision of extending the ban between the borders to stop non-essential traffic. The ban first started in March of 2020, when the cases were nominal, but death rates were immensely high.

The ban, which has extended into an account for controlling coronavirus infection, was set to expire on July 21. However, the situation details something else.

The rapid rise in the infection rate has aroused many authorities to extend the ban in order to stop the spread of infectious coronavirus. However, the northern US authorities are always trying to relax the measure, which undoubtedly cannot take place in the crisis which the US is facing.

Moreover, after the authorities gave the report, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau elaborated that both the nations are going to have an extensive talk on the ban extension.

Nonetheless, the Canadian authorities displayed close attention to the situation in Florida and other hotspots. The official said that it is frightening and disheartening to see such a considerable number of infected patients.

The Canadian authorities also elaborated their efforts in fighting coronavirus patients and said that Canada more properly contains the fight against the pandemic. The outbreak handled by us is superior to that of the US.

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