Coronavirus Vaccine Update_ Russia to launch the Vaccine before August 15

In the race of vaccine development, Russia has come up as the only contestant to provide clinically approved vaccines for the treatment of coronavirus. Moreover, Scientists have claimed that the world will get its first coronavirus vaccine in August.

According to Alexander Ginsburg, the Director of Gamalei National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology, the local circulation of the Vaccine will take from the date of August 12 to August 14. However, the commercial distribution of the Vaccine will start from the early days of September. The report gives insight that the mass production will proceed about providing enough doses for the nation.

So far, the research and pharma companies are sincerely trying to provide vaccines across the globe. Many suitable vaccine candidates are eligible to provide proper health care support for coronavirus patients. Fortunately, several 135 potential vaccine candidates are at the preclinical stage, out of which 15 potential vaccine candidates are at the Phase 1 trial of Vaccine and 23 other possible candidates. They are on the verge of completing human trials.

Nonetheless, Russia claiming to develop coronavirus is a big step towards eradicating the ongoing pandemic. Moreover. Director of Institute for Medicine and Biotechnology unveiled the report that the first batch of volunteers on which the vaccines have tested will now release on July 15. Subsequently, the second batch will release on July 20.

Other countries like India, the USA, China, and more are also competing to drop their medically proven vaccines. These countries are working on more than one potential candidate and are claiming to release the Vaccine in the last of 2020. However, India has revealed the date of its Vaccine, which will be able to cure patients of mild coronavirus. The period to release the Indian Vaccine is around August 15.

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