Why there has been a sudden forceful movement in US caseloads and deaths

The worst number of cases has hit the US since the rise of COVID19. Following the number of infected patients from March, April, and May, the US has seen the most significant spike in July. Nearly 66000 new infected patients have reported to the hospitals for the treatment from the infected virus. However, nothing seems to work effectively since the metric that denotes the rise in the infection is up by about 0.4 percent.

At first, it might not seem like a big jump, but it surely is. On the last Saturday of July, the US reported approximately 66,627 cases, which is one of the highest spurts of infection, which gave rise to the total number of 3.185 million infected cases.

According to the data of John Hopkins University, the US is an alone contributor for a quarter of covid19 patients globally. The trends jumping to 2 percent with a daily 1.8 percent increase in the number of cases has severely affected the environment all across the US.

Since the 4rth of July, the number of deaths because of the virus has surpassed 800 deaths in two days, which is severely high when compared to the previous ends. However, the numbers are still low when compared to the number of deaths in March and April, when the death toll crossed approx 2000 deaths per day, which shocked the US and the world.

The most infectious states of the United States of America are Texas, Arizona, California, Florida, which has contributed over 30% of the total infected cases and have been reporting more than 10,000 daily new cases of COVID19.

The Governor of the US, Greg Abbot, detailed the possibilities of economic lockdown, which in terms indicates a critical state for the United States. One of the top health advisors also claimed that the US, as a country, is not setting any examples while fighting the pandemic.

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