Same Police Brutality occurred in Pennsylvania – Spike protests with thousands of people on roads

After the video of a man restrained by Police officers has released, thousands went into the roads to protest police brutality. The footage showed the Police officer placing his knee over the head of a man, first for eight seconds and for the second time 20 seconds.

The restrain occurred in front of the Pennsylvania Hospital. This suggests that the man would have been suffering from a mental health issue or drug and alcohol crisis. Still, the Police showed no mercy and handcuffed him by keeping his knee over the man’s neck.

The Police failed to follow their policy against neck restraints when a Pennsylvanian police officer used his knee to restrain a man who appeared to be suffering from problematic issues. Activists and many other officials claimed that the situation was an illegal use of force that should’ve not happened. The American Civil Liberty Union condemned the scenario and raised queries related to the officers in command during the scene.

Police brutality sparked hundreds of people to protest in downtown Allentown, calling for the suspension of the officers and reallocation of police funds to areas like education where they should understand mental health and perform other social activities. An Advocacy member of Make the Road Pennsylvania released a statement in which she mentioned after the two of George Floyd’s death, which sparked the BLM movement, a knee of the Police were over the head of the man in front of a Hospital. Meagan LIerena demands answers, and so does many.

Many other statements have released in the account of the video. However, the video was recorded by a passing vehicle that captured the Police Brutality in front of Pennsylvania hospital.

The Police department’s excuse over the incident was appalling. They cleared that the man was spitting and not following protocols upon being found suspicious—however, the comments vents in veins after the statement of the Allentown community group. The Allentown community group states whatever is the situation; during a health crisis; the man should’ve been given support and restrained with one knee on his head.

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