The United States of America Needs a New Foreign Policy

It is highly advantageous to provide necessary details about how the geological landscape would look like after the pandemic. Many generals and officials are claiming that the circumstances in the United States are similar to the situations were in the times of Britain’s Suez moment in 1956.

Many other officials have reported that the United States is just deprived of strength right now, with burdening the wheels of the nations to a president like Donald Trump. Claiming that the world will see the rise of the United States, once a new sober president sits on the throne.

However, there is a considerable amount of data that has restricted for ordinary citizens. Thus, we are highly uncertain as to how the virus is spreading and how it will reshape the international scenarios. Fortunately, we are aware that the US society has drifted towards a situation where citizens are not showing respect for the officials. Moreover, they are not accepting the new rules formed by the government.

The current situation of the United States of America resembles the ones before World war 1.

The remains of the United States are surrounded by the pandemic, which has resulted in more than half million infected and the numbers dead. The epidemic has already given the world one of the biggest economic crises since the last dark market.

Nonetheless, the standards set by the United States of America were already weakening before the first strike of coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic only gave the spark to the situation.

The pandemic has weakened links between the United States and its allies, distracting and dividing as the pandemic grows, which has sparked the ambitions of China to become the only superpower of the world. These critical behaviors are surely not helping the United States to bring law and order back to the international resumes.

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