The honouring statue of Jen Reid protester of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The honouring statue of Jen Reid protester of the Black Lives Matter Movement was built in the same place where the statue of Edward Colston slave trader used to stand in Bristol. The spot removes it just after 24hrs.

Many videos and pictures came up across the internet of contractors removing the statue with the help of ropes and crane to secure the statue from being broken. The statue represented a girl standing on the plinth with a raised fist. On Thursday at 5:20 am.

Many became the witness to the process, and while moving the statue to the lorry where workers were heard saying to handle the statue with care, one of them also said,” don’t break her dress.”

“This morning, we removed the sculpture. It will be held at our museum for the artist to collect or donate to our collection”, said one of the council spokeswoman of Bristol city.

According to the BBC Bristol report, Quinn has been charged with the cost of removal. Also, the council said it had received complaints of fly-fly-tipping. “All the proceeds that will be collected by the sale of the statue will be given to the two charities chosen by Reid himself that are devoted to improving the teaching of Black History in British Schools.

The statue made up of black resin and steel statue, entitled A Surge of Power (Jen Reid) 2020, was put up at 5 am on Wednesday under the direction of Quinn. He also mentioned that the statue was not set up to be there permanently.

Bristol City was going through an “incredibly delicate time” told by the mayor of Bristol city Marvin Rees to BBC Radio 5 LIVE. He also mentioned that “ This is not about taking down a statue of Jen, who is an imposing woman. This is about taking down the statue of a London based artist who came and put it up without any permission.”

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