Trump replaces campaign manager

US President Donald Trump appointed Bill Stepien as a new Campaign Manager before the election, which is in less than four months.

Donald Trump shocked everyone in his campaign staff for the upcoming election by replacing Brad Parscale with veteran GOP operative Bill Stepien.

President said on Facebook, “I am pleased to announce that Bill Stepien has been promoted to the role of Trump Campaign Manager. “

Also added, “Brad Parscale, who has been with me for a very long time and has led our tremendous digital and data strategies, will remain in that role while being a Senior Advisor to the campaign.”

During this hard time, when the nation is facing this Covid-19 pandemic and economic difficulties, which killed almost more than 135,000 Americans,
everyone can see President Trump be struggling with the re-election campaign and is under pressure because of the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

White House Advisor and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner delivered this news of campaign staff shuffle to Mr. Parscale on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Parscale was the person who ran all the digital advertising for Mr. Trump’s in the 2016 elections. Credits for being such a supportive helping hand for that unexpected, surprising victory that year were given to Mr. Parscale.

Mr. Stepien has excellent political experience for years as if he was working for former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or being a national field director for Mr. Trump in 2016.

There were many suppositions about the name for the person to lead the operation, which included the names like former Trump strategist Steve Bannon but being close to Mr. Kushner, Mr. Parscale was designated as the Campaign Manager and gave direction to the campaign.

Even after the shuffle in staff, Mr. Parscale was not completely parted by the campaign for the better and safe creation of recreating Campaigns digital advertising tasks.

It was evident because of the creative and mindful skills that he is still in.

As before Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden already shuffled his campaign team when he announced Anita Dunn as his campaign manager effectively displaced Greg Schultz.

Top communication adviser Ms. Dunn who served President Barack Obama, now joined Mr. Biden for his campaign from the start.

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