US increase drilling for Oil and Gas

According to the facts displayed by two new studies, the United States of America has raised the global methane emission because of their worldwide agricultural production.

The studies suggest that in the year 2000, the only human activity that led to the emission of methane was coal mines. However, from 2007 to 2017, methane emission spiked the highest records in the history of humankind.
The high emission of methane was resultant of fossil fuels and increased agricultural production chains. However, the situation seems not to slow down as the US has increased drilling of oil and gas.

The growing number of agricultural production of livestock operations has immensely affected the methane emission across south Asia, South America, and other parts of Africa.

Moreover, there is much compelling evidence that proves that fossil fuels and agricultural production are both equal competitors for the rise of methane in the environment.

An environmentalist scientist from NASA Goddard said that the excessive increase in the methane levels could be the cause of climate change. The high humid environment can soon become even hotter if we do not take appropriate steps.

Moreover, the Global Methane budget, which is accountable for keeping the record of methane emission, was last updated in 2012. However, the update of 2012 methane emission occurred in 2016. The situation of methane emission depicts the seriousness of climate control across the globe.

Nonetheless, between 2000 to 2017, the only region to control methane emission and reduce the spike was Europe. Europe managed to regulate methane emission by cutting down the meat consumption and regulating landfills to areas where garbage is disposed.

However, US President Donald Trump proposed to roll back regulations over the last year. Eventually, the steps were started and aren’t enough to control the rise of methane in the environment.

According to an author of the University of Rochester, Thoman Weber, the rise in methane emission is something that everyone is ignoring. In contrast, if we start regulating the emission, it would take us more than a decade to reverse the trends and achieve the reduction of methane emission in the environment.

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