Many airports all around the world

Many airports all around the world are preparing for safety updates and touchless facilities, including smart construction of restrooms. Ideas and new creative technologies are already in process to be tested at some major U.S. airports.

DFW’s senior customer programs manager Jonathan DeJesus restrooms at Dallas Fort- Worth Airport (DFW) will be rebuilt or retrofitted according to the need. “Touchless technologies are important to DFW Airport in both the current restroom designs and future restroom design.”

According to DeJesus, the in the next upcoming years, the terminal restrooms designs will include,” opportunities to replace fixtures/finishes, add additional capacity to meet demand, right – size restroom stalls/ entries/ square footage, and continuing to incorporate smart restroom technology with future enhancements.”

He did not have any concept of the starting date for this project. Presently, depending upon the design of the plan and the scope of the project. The cost will be determined. DeJesus added, “The effort is a huge undertaking as DFW has more than 130 restrooms, including more than 800 stalls and 560 sinks. We expect it will come to fruition over the next several years.”

As seeing the conditions and seriousness of the cleanliness and hygiene due to pandemic, they will create, “designs that will minimize customer interactions with high contact surfaces,” DeJesus added. As DFW wants, to give a clean, safe facility to travelers as it will affect tourism too.

DeJesus also added, “ The touchless experience needs a design that shifts the focus from amenities to expanded and enhanced sanitation and safeguard processes.”
Looking over the situations around the world, these safety precautions and changes are must be done everywhere and in every country because proper facilities can only bring things back on track and make people less worried.

A pilot program of smart restrooms announced in one of Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX) terminals by the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and Tooshlights. The bright restroom unit has a system of indicator lights which turn red blue and green according to the availability.

Red for the occupied stall, Green when the booth is available and Blue light for ambulatory stalls.

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