Ultraviolet air cleaning device for Coronavirus

Coronavirus, which came up in existence from the meat market according to some sources, has now become a big problem for the meat producing companies.

On Friday, the two largest meatpackers of the world stated that they had installed an ultraviolet air cleaning device in some of their U.S. plants.

When the whole world is facing terrible conditions, many other problems are being faced by the packaged food and processed food industry. There are some serious problems with the meat processor companies as the virus is said to come up from the meat market itself.

The Brazilian JBS and one of four major U.S. announced that “ultraviolet germicidal air sanitization” had been installed by them in their plant with ventilation and air purification system.
According to them, this air sanitization system works on the frequency range of light waves that kill germs.

The pressure is made over meat plants to take all safety measures and follow all rules, to protect their workers from getting sick due to coronavirus.

As it can not possible to say whether this air treatment system kills Covid-19 viruses or not.

Big scale producers of beef, chicken, and pork Tyson Foods Inc also said that they are researching over the airflow and also testing the ultraviolet air sanitization system in many other plants.

Many cases came up because of the careless behavior of meat-producing plants. Sixteen thousand plant employees in 23 states got infected with Covid-19, and 86 worker deaths due to respiratory disease were being reported.

Accusations over the JBS and Tyson Foods are made by many workers and their families for not providing proper facilities and protection to people. The people working there are also forced to show up at work even if they are sick.

Many conditions can get severe problems for the plant owners as well as the workers like the fast spread of viruses due to low temperatures. Workers are working in small areas making it crowded and giving viruses the best place to spread quickly.

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