US-China Conflicts intensifies

As the world knows, the tension between the United States of America and China keeps increasing by every passing day. Many experts say that both the leading nations are entering into the new age of the Cold War.

China stands accountable for threatening its neighboring countries to become the lone dominator of Asia. In contrast, the United States of America stands with the neighboring country to stop China. The US wants to provide peace to the allied nations and will do anything to do so.

Moreover, the illegal claims of China over South China have surpassed the toleration chart of the United States of America. The Administration of President Donald Trump has already started pressing China in various accountable affairs, which China was not able to serve as promised. The tension between the US and China has become global, and the United States is pushing other allied nations to cut their ties with the Chinese authorities to process necessary retaliatory steps against China.

For the presidential election in the United States, President Trump has already made China a major campaign. However, Joe Biden, standing against Trump in the election, has said that Donald Trump did not retaliate enough against lawless China.

China Depicts the President of the United States as a weak and error-prone leader. China even believes that the uncontrollable contamination of coronavirus has provided then the correct opportunity to press its advantages.

However, the statement released by the US secretary of States, Mike Pompeo, claims that they are taking strict and essential measures about the Beijing situation. Moreover, the Secretary did not say anything about the Cold war statement released. Nonetheless, he seems fine with the case and accounts that the situation with China is nothing but Cold War.

A professor, Shi Yhihong From the Renmin University, claims that both the nations now know that China will not be able to continue their business ventures and other agreements in full. Moreover, the situation between the United States of America and China will keep on deteriorating with time.

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