US President Sharpens to Attack China over Coronavirus

Recently, the President of the United States of America has sharpened the attack over China. Since the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump has been calling the infectious virus as the Chinese virus, but now Trump wants the world to address the root cause of the problem. Donald Trump claims that China could’ve stopped everything from happening if it would’ve been transparent from the start.

Over the past few months, the relationship between the United States of America and China has not been the greatest. The two nations have been friends for a long time, but the rise of coronavirus and the claims over the South China Sea has made China an enemy in the eyes of the US. Donald Trump claims that the root cause of the pandemic is China. The world is struggling because of China, as they weren’t transparent. They could’ve easily stopped it, but they did not.

Trump also highlights the help the United States of America is providing to the countries that require ventilators to treat coronavirus patients. Moreover, they detailed that the world should address China about not providing necessary details in every stage of coronavirus infections. He mentions that China was suffering from coronavirus since November 2019, and they made it public when the outbreak had happened.

Donald Trump signifies that China was able to control the outbreak of the virus in its own country but was not able to stop the infection from spreading onto other countries. Trump indicated that he wants people to identify that the pandemic is because of China because they weren’t transparent.

Moreover, when the world is suffering from the pandemic, China is retaliating with the United States of America to become the only Superpower of the world—threatening neighboring countries to get the claims of the South China Sea.

The statement provided by Donald Trump claims that they will not let China get away with this so quickly.

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