NBA Bubble Court Unvieled

The NBA league is around the corner of this month. As we all know, the NBA league is going to start from 30 July, and the first match will happen between Los Angeles Clippers VS LA Lakers. Both teams are determined to provide an entertaining game for all their supporters.

However, the unveiling of the NBA bubble court was astonishing. The National Basketball Academy gave a chance to multiple media reporters to enjoy the tour of the new NBA bubble life. They also showed them the various precautionary steps developed for the safety of the players and staff. Moreover, the unveiling of the court has an eye-catching quote written in the in-game court. The league showed the” Black Lives Matter” logo in the in-game side court of the Arena. The emblem is embedded to support the national-level movement, which many NBA players have supported.

Nonetheless, the images of NBA bubble courts were first released by ESPN, which displayed the Black Lives Matter logo along with the side court of the Arena. Before the social distancing was necessary, the benches were connected. However, the new scenario in the court is benching, sitting six feet apart from one another.

Another safety measure to withdraw the chances of infection is that the broadcasters of the NBA league will be behind the plexiglass to protect them from any activity occurring in the court. Moreover, the entire bubble court is surrounded by two massive video screens where the footage of live fans will be displayed along with certain interesting signages.

However, many NBA stars have been continuously supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Players like Lebron James, Stephan Curry, and more have shown substantial support. Stephan Curry and fellow Golden States Warriors players have come forward and attended the peaceful protest in the Bay area for more than two times.

The NBA league supporting the BLM movement has upgraded its image as a national contributor to erase racial injustice and racial-discrimination.

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