US House to vote against Ban Law by Trump

In the years of Donald Trump’s presidency, he banned several countries under immigration law from entering the United States of America. Most likely, the banning countries were under the invasion of the United States of America, or the countries were retaliating against the US, which resulted in the ban of various countries. However, the decision made by the President of the United States has highly been blistered by many American citizens and US houses.

The banning of certain countries has resulted in an issue for the President of the United States. The lower house of the United States Congress and other officials from White House representatives have set to reverse the decision made by Donald Trump. The House of Representatives has set to change the resolution of Donald Trump by voting on a piece of legislation that will eradicate the controversial decision made by the President.

The piece of legislation is called the No Ban Act, which has a massive fan base in the Democratic legislators. Moreover, the No Ban Act is very likely to pass from the Democrat-Controlled House, but the bill is highly opposed by the members of Republicans and the White House itself. However, the efforts of both the members aren’t strong enough to stop the bill from passing the Democrat-Controlled House.

The No Ban Act, if passed, will erase the controversial rule made by the President of the United States. The bill will also exclude the power of the next President to change any US immigration rule on account of religion.

The rules currently imposed by the President of the United States excludes people of Myanmar, Sudan, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yemen. The rule has resulted in millions of Americans from entering their own country. These people are far from there homes and family.

The No Ban Act will surely eradicate the racial discrimination and ban in the account of religion.

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