Use Google Lens on the Kaios phones for visual translations

Everyone knows how Google Lens works and its features. The most commonly used feature of Google Lens is translate. Google Lens allows the user to translate the documents and signboards on the road. You may simply point your Android or iOS device towards the street sign to have it translated.

In 2017, Google added Voice Assistant to the Kaios Devices that have the numeric keypad for text entry. Google added an additional key to the numeric keypad as the dedicated voice key. Voice key is introduced in the Kiaos device to used the google voice assistant quickly. Few hours before Google has launched the camera translate button for Google Lens option.

By this dedicated camera translate button, it will open a camera lens view where you are prompted with “Take a picture of words.” After the user captures the image, they have to crop the painting according to their translation need. Google will analyze the text cropped and captured. Google will translate the captured image in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil. The two of the other languages that will be added to voice translation are Kannada and Gujarati. You can also select a particular word for its definition.

Google has launched the Google Lens today that is the 21st of July 2020. However, the core function of Google Lens still exists. Google aimed to “get things done on their devices using their voice.” Many of the Google-powered Kaios devices which have the numeric keypad includes voice typing and voice-based language selection.

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