Biden and Obama talked Blasts Donald Trump Presidency

In the race for the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden had an exclusive talk with the former President, Barack Obama. The Former President of the United States of America and current eligible candidate of the US Presidency, Joe Biden, had one of the most influencing conversations since the rise of the coronavirus pandemic. Prior, Barack Obama addressed Joe Biden in April. Since then, it was the first meeting between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.

The interview occurred on Thursday, and a 15-minute long video was posted in an attempt to influence people of America with Joe Biden having Obama on his side. The interview between the former President and former vice president of Barack Obama took place to amplify Biden’s arguments against Trump.

Obama detailed that Joe Biden is the right candidate for the President of the United States. He also emphasized the attributes and personal experience that he had with Joe Biden when he was his vice president. He signified that Joe Biden has the empathy and care that Trump Lacks. In the years of Trump Presidency, he has only declared stoking division and laws that have brought unfriendliness among the American citizens.

They also talked about the response that Trump gave about handling the coronavirus pandemic. Biden also emphasized the statements released by Donald Trump in which he said, “IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY”. Biden elaborates as he says,” can you imagine being the President of the country and taking no responsibility for situations.”

Obama said, during my years of presidency, while I was in the office, I have never said these words. Obama and Joe also discussed that Trump had “quit” in his country and was unable to contain the virus across the country. Moreover, the Gallup response over the past four years of Trump presidency stands nowhere as compared to the ten years of Obama’s Presidency.

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