CPC urged to Reelect Trump

Amid the rising tensions between the United States of America and China, the Editor of the Global Times China has Urged the Citizens of America to reelect President Donald Trump, in November 2020. The Editor of the Chinese Global Times tweeted the same on Thursday and claimed the actions that are taken against China helped China magnificently strengthen solidarity and cohesion. Moreover, the Editor said, the US speaking against China made them realize the importance of its race. China must rise and stand alone in the territory of the Enemy, said a CPC member.

However, the statement issued by the Editor of Global times is a mere distraction in an attempt to criticize Trump’s administration. Even though the Chinese mouthpiece editor released that the US against China has brought solidarity and cohesion, the Editor also said that brilliant people like Mike Pompeo also surround Donald Trump.

Mike Pompeo is the US Secretary of State who has progressively attacked China with numerous statements and press releases over the past few months. Mike Pompeo has deliberately spoken against China in the matter of the South China Sea, LAC Conflict with India, Hong Kong’s Security Law, and other various violations.

The offensive behavior of China has resulted in numerous drawbacks in the business and technology sectors of China. However, China is the second-largest manufacturer of the world, closing business deals and other official work in response to the lawless Chinese authority, is the most appropriate measure, United States of America took.

The dispute between the United States of America and China has resulted in various sectors of the economy. Moreover, the US has asked Chinese authorities to close the Chinese Consulate situated in Houston. The emerging tension between the two great nations cannot be neglected. However, China’s response against the measures of the United States of America has made the Chinese authority to feel superior, which the US will not accept.

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