Donald Trump relaxes contol over unmanned Drone export

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has confirmed that Trump’s administration will move in the opposite direction to ease the export of armed drones. The decision made to make sure that the US export market increases to achieve stabilization in the economy. However, the decision will result in the export of armed drones to the countries allied with the United States of America and to other countries that are outside the pact of the non-proliferation treaty.

The Trump administration says the allied nations need the technology developed by the United States of America, and the decision will impact to take over the market, which previously has not ever done. Already, the US was unable to export the armed drones technology because of the 1987 Missile Technology control regime signed by 35 countries.
Under the 1987 Missile Technology Regime, the 35 countries signed to restrict the export of unmanned drone technology from the United States to other countries.

The assignment carried out to control the spread of deadly weaponry is backed by MTCR. The MTCR is capable of delivering large payloads of nuclear and other massive human-made destroying missiles.

The changing scenario brought by the President of the United States will re-establish the export of unmanned armed drones, which is restricted by many other countries. However, the decision made has specific prerequisites: the drone must not exceed the maximum airspeed of 800KM/hr. The maximum speed control requirement must not exceed as it will increase the sales of other armed technology made by US manufacturers.

The White House issued a statement in which they declared that the standards used by MTCR are more than three decades old. They said,” this does not only provide unfair advantages to the countries outside the MTCR pact, which results in the biased weaponry advantage to other countries and hurts the US arms industry.

However, the decision made by the Trump Administration has not been appreciated by Senator Bob Menendez. Senator Bob Menendez released his statement saying, “ The Trump administration made us weak once again, this time in international export control over lethal weaponry.”

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