100 Days for the US Re-Elections

President Donald Trump claims to have the most potent silent force of support than ever. He claims that victory will be ours as we have the most potent silent power than ever. Moreover, President Donald Trump details that in 2016 the odds were against me while standing next to Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, and the results surprised everyone. The same will happen again, but with more significant support.

However, standing against Donald Trump, Joe Biden has attacked Trump in every way possible. He claims that he will work for the soul of America and its citizens. Joe Biden has countered Donald Trump in his response to the tremendous outbreak of coronavirus. He claims that the control of virus over Europe and Asia has brought the US in questionable states.

Moreover, Donald Trump, in his recent tweets, claims the silent majority of Republicans is more than ever. His hopes to return over to the White House are enthusiastic. Many officials confirmed that the CAMPAIGNS carried out by President Trump has more emotions than any other CAMPAIGN in the history of America. Trump claims that Biden has no campaign that has the magnitude to influence American people.

However, Biden Claims to fight for the soul of America and wants the American people to make the president of the United States a one time president.

Amid the rising pandemic, Donald Trump is forced to cancel rallies and ditch Republican meetings happening in Florida in the coming weeks.
Whatever might be the reason, President Trump has many shortcomings. Joe Biden attacks Trump and says,” Donald Trump has touted America, and he is the only racial president, America ever had.”

Joe Biden corners every aspect of Donald Trump as Donald Trump is unable to give appropriate replies over his shortcomings and dysfunctional management.

A lot of American people are divisive and irritated on both sides of the presidential candidates, as both are no great choices to have.

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