Prime Minister Scott Morrison Gears up for G7 Summit

Australia’s Prime Minister has confirmed that he will attend the international meeting of world leaders amid the pandemic. Recently, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the leader of Australia, has stated that he will attend the G7 Summit and emphasized the importance of the meeting for Australia. The announcement by the Australian Prime Minister has intensified the reunion with the United States in various issues. One of which is the inappropriate retaliation by the Chinese Government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that these Summits create essential opportunities for Australia to rise in development and other global manufacturing of goods. Moreover, if we did not seek to attend the Summit, it would create an extraordinary environment among the world leaders, which is not helpful for the growth of our citizens.

The G7 Summit is supposed to occur in October and November. It means the Summit needs to happen before the US elections. Many officials, across the globe, consider the G7 Summit, one of the most critical events in recent years, where leaders of various nourished, developed and developing countries would take part. Many activists proclaim that the main discussion of the Summit is to counter the retaliatory actions governed by the Beijing Government. However, there is no such evidence to prove, but China is one big concern.

In the rising tensions, Australia has immensely provided funds to their defense sectors to upgrade bases and improve weaponry. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has actively destroyed the economy and nationalism of the country. Over the past few months, China has also increased militarising their neighboring island over the claims of the South China Sea, which both, the United States of America and Australia has claimed as illegal claims of China.

However, the increased military actions of the Chinese Government has indeed flamed the concerns of both the countries. Nonetheless, Australia has chosen to go with America, and they urge to make appropriate calls over the Beijing Government.

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