Protesters called Terrorists, IF they Disagree with Trump

In the recent days of the BLM movement, military troopers have been deployed in the states of America to control the protesters from harming the public property across the nation. These actions are carried out and sanctioned by the President of the United States of America. Moreover, Donald Trump, in his recent encounter with the press, has declared that people who disagree with Trump, will be awarded by the name of Terrorists. Indirectly, this means that the President of the United States of America has turned into a cruel autocrat who does not respect the integrity and efforts of American citizens working to end racial discrimination.

The camouflaged personality has turned out to be the paramilitary troops with no name tags, formed after the incident of 9/11. These paramilitary troops have been snatching anti-protesters in-car bundles with no proper remarks of any department. After further investigations, it has known that these paramilitary troops were from the Department of Homeland security. Specially, these troops are programmed to safeguard American citizens and establish peace on borders and customs from harmful peoples and materials that have created to cause chaos among citizens.

Since the starting of the revolutionary BLM movement, President Donald Trump has always declared these protestors as terrorists. The tactics used by the President are only to empty the roads and harm the peaceful demonstrators.

The tactics used by the President of the United States displays the role of dictator acting out in anger and pressure. Moreover, these unjustified actions are a mere representation of not being able to hold the accountability of issues across the country. Many critics and officials of the states have said,” these actions do not represent a country of democracy and constitution.”

However, these orders by Donald Trump look as if he is acting out of an urgency to vacate the roads and start some other propaganda to distract American citizens.

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