Kim Jong Um defies Donald Trump calls

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has continuously been denying the calls from the President of the United States to shut down the Nuclear weapons and give up for the peace of its entire nation. However, Kim Jong Un claims that these nuclear warheads ensure the survival of the country from foreign invasion. Moreover, alien invasion, referred to by Kim Jong Un, is for the state of America. The calls denied by the Dictator shows no intention of bowing against the President of the United States.

Kim shows no interest in disarming the nuclear weaponry and defies orders from Washington. Kim Jong Un released a statement for the state-run Korean News agency that the atomic warheads will proclaim their permanent national security in the present and future. He states that having nuclear warheads means lasting safety from any rising enemy or invader. Moreover, developing atomic weapons implies that North Korea can protect itself from any pressure rising against the will and integrity of the country. Furthermore, Kim Jong Un sees nuclear weapons as the best way to protect itself from the US invasion.

Kim Jong Un claims not to stop until the best protection system for the nation is manufactured. However, Donald Trump invites the Dictator for another Summit, but Kim Jong Un sees no interest in allying with the Washington Government. He claims that Washington has previously broken trust and promises that are not accepted. Moreover, Kim Jong Un sees the removal of nuclear testing as an active call for political suicide.

However, the active testing of the atomic arsenal, while the country is severely under the paltry economy, seems a bit nuisance. When the people of the country are starving, the Dictator is becoming more eager to test and mobilize nuclear warheads.

Moreover, after the pandemic, dictators’ calls to close the border has even stopped the small legal trade that the state of North Korea offers. Amid the rise of the epidemic, North Korea is eager to make threat calls and goading international sanctions.

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