Trump Assures for COVID19 Vaccine

US President, Donald Trump assures that the vaccine will be in the market soon. The President of the United States released the statement for the vaccine after the tour of the COVID19 vaccine facility in North Carolina. The auspicious visit of the President was to ensure the proper functioning and to manufacture the doses of coronavirus vaccine. He detailed that American scientists are geniuses, and they have developed 90% of the vaccine, which will be tested on approximately 30,000 infected American people.

The statement released by the President denotes the urgency to stop the raging effects of coronavirus in the country. The vaccine, if worked successfully, could be a game-changer for Donald Trump on his flattering re-election polls. However, the statement of victory over the virus was released hours after the news of Robert O’Brien testing positive for coronavirus. Robert O’Brien is the National Security advisor who conducts various protection activities across the nation.

However, it is known that there is no risk for President Donald Trump and the same for the Vice president of the country. Robert O’Brien has isolated himself and worked from a safe region of conduct. In contrast, there is no risk for the President of the country, whatsoever penetrates the personal surrounding of the President.

Nonetheless, the manufacturing of the vaccine experimental doses has provided to the company named Novavax under the multi-billion dollar expenditure for Operation Warp Speed. The goal is to develop approximately 300 million vaccine doses to stabilize the raging situation.

The higher authorities, including the President and Trump administration, think that no mask or social distancing can help the American citizens. Only the vaccine can calm the chaos spread across the nation. Given the trends of the raging epidemic, it is more likely that the people cured with vaccines will be exposed far before than expected. As people are more likely to get in touch with the virus than ever before.

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