Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Telegram’s Durov Posture as Defenders Against Foreign Tech Invasions

In a consultation tomorrow before the congressional Antitrust Subcommittee, Mark Zuckerberg plans to depict Facebook as the American victor to meet Chinese tech. In the interim, Pavel Durov has pursued a comparable conflict to restore Telegram in his local Russia, to a great extent, by painting U.S. tech as an attacking power.

It’s an attractive procedure, particularly since the PR for both Facebook and Telegram has verifiably inclined toward global vision regular among the tech market. However, is this the new ordinary?

To the extent U.S. controllers are concerned, Facebook has been in the doghouse for quite a while. The Federal Trade Commission hit the firm with a record-setting $5 billion fine a year ago. Around a similar time, the head of the House Financial Services Committee required the firm to stop the improvement of its early Libra digital money, setting off a mid-year of hateful hearings.

It was in reality during hearings before the Financial Services Committee that Zuckerberg started discussing Facebook’s Libra venture as a method of shielding U.S. money related to power.

Close by the assertion that what’s useful for Facebook is helpful for America, and the Libra Association likewise refreshed Libra’s whitepaper widely in the expectation of maintaining a strategic distance from guideline as security.

Telegram, as far as it matters for its, saw its crypto venture shut somewhere around the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission. A New York court requested the firm to return $1.2 billion put resources into its mark. It was likely the battle with the controller that drove Telegram to accommodate Russian controllers.

Durov himself is a Russian national, at first creation his millions in charge of VKontakte, a web-based social networking system many see as the Facebook of the previous USSR. He proceeded to propelled Telegram, a courier whose encryption bothered Russian controllers enough for them to keep up a restriction on it for a long time until the finish of June.

The restoration of Telegram, according to Russian specialists, has been enthralling to watch. Durov accused the SEC’s treatment of Telegram as American government and later reprimanded Facebook and Instagram. A VP at the firm as of late analyzed American tech monsters like Apple and Google to the Mongolian attack of cutting edge Russia. Furthermore, just today, Durov utilized his private Telegram station to hammer Apple’s new 30% assessment on the application store as a method for restriction and security infringement.

Now, Telegram’s procedure has prompted more advancement with Russian controllers than Facebook’s has with the U.S. Be that as it may, neither one of the firms has gotten its separate crypto venture through administrative hindrances anyplace.

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