US Republicans concerned about TIK-TOK

Recently a group of officials from the Republican Party of the United States has alleged Tik-Tok on conspiring American citizens to cause chaos and gain interest from the political tensions in the United States. On Tuesday, Senior US Senators pressured the Trump administration to carefully look into the matter as the famous Chinese owned Tik-Tok video sharing application can meddle in the election to gain political interests.

The letter was sent by the official authorities, including Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, official lawmakers of the Country. They cited their concerns over the censored Tik-Tok viral video of Uighur minorities. They claimed that the Beijing Government would try to interfere in the election process to get the opportunities to attack and create chaos among American citizens.

The lawmakers wrote the letter specifying their concerns about the social media app that can mislead the American citizens and described various important factors for which the application should thoroughly be checked or banned. Moreover, the letter is sent to the director of the federal investigation department, Department of Homeland Security, and Office of Director of National Intelligence.

However, a spokesperson from the Chinese social media company, Tik-Tok, has released its statement denying the allegation and providing clear information about the usage of the application. Moreover, the spokesperson further detailed that the content posted of the video making app has strict policy rules and does not allow any political ads or content that spreads wrong information about any political party. Furthermore, the logistic center and moderation policies are led by a Californian based team that does not make any biased calls whatsoever.

Though the calls for the lawmakers and US Senator aren’t based on any evidence, the ODNI has accepted the requests and stated that the investigation would take place accordingly. However, the FBI and DNS have not yet responded to the allegation.
Despite the propaganda created by the senior officials of the Republican Party, Trump is falling in the polls against Joe Biden

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