In 2015 Donald Trump Tweeted on welcoming international students to study in their prestigious and world-class institutes and now have offered them to leave and return to their homes.

The US immigration federation recently detailed that the ongoing semesters have entirely chosen to teach online and have resulted in international students leaving and returning to their country until the pandemic changes its direction.

The decision was taken by the US immigration federation and Custom Enforcement in an account for pressuring the officials to reopen the colleges and universities during the growing infection of coronavirus in adults.

This tactic of Trump has been the move to remove foreigners from the US and pave success for the American citizens. In the last few months, Trump has also made efforts to stop people coming to the United States and making things prosper for its citizens.

One of the tactics to remove foreign engineers and other specialists for the US soil is the temporary suspension of H-1B visas and merit-based immigration visas. However, the move by Trump was named economically stupid but will reform the skilled worker’s job for American citizens.

In the account of the weird news, Trump’s tweet has been rounding in the social media where he dictated the want of foreigners in the US to establish their goals and pursue careers in their suitable fields. However, many experts claimed that Trump already has such agendas that will deteriorate the US as a desired place for students to pursue higher education.

After the elections, when Trump became the President, many experts depicted that he had some shocking agendas in his mind, like prohibiting Muslims from entering the country, suspending educational vivas, building the Mexican Wall.

Yes, you heard it right. Trump always tweets in every 5 Years, welcoming the foreigners to establish their careers in the US soil but fails to show in his administration.



The usage of Hydroxychloroquine has been one of the most political issues for treating coronavirus patients. A top White House official declared that the drug is highly effective while treating early stages of coronavirus, the part of politicizing the drug is silly.

Hydroxychloroquine is malaria treating drug that is highly effective in treating early coronavirus patients. However, the mainstream media and some medical communities have made this a battle between President Trump and others. The drug has provided benefits for more than 60 years and is given to pregnant women while suffering from malaria.

A doctor from Detroit Hospital filed a request for the usage of hydroxychloroquine under three main stages of clinical treatment. One, to ensure the prevention, secondary as possible prophylaxis, and third for first treatment usage.

However, the allegations made for the drug might be true as the patients treated with hydroxychloroquine displayed an astonishing result, which was a reduced 50% mortality rate.

On the other hand, Doctor Peter Navarro said that the odds of getting hydroxy hysteria are way smaller than the odds of providing you treatment from coronavirus.
He also said India is widely using the drug to treat patients of coronavirus, and we are politicizing the drug while the spike of the pandemic is severely growing every day.

He said if you look at the 14-day arc of the virus, the first 7 days are the most crucial ones to heal the patient because, at this point, the lungs are not fully infected, and other organs are not infected yet. Fortunately, the drug has medical benefits that create alkalinity on your cell, which slows and even down the replication process of the virus.

Navarro said that the usage of the drug could save the lives of tens and thousands of American men and women, rather than politicizing the drug, we must start acting and treating infected ones.


Fighting Over an American Monument ~ Citizens Ask How do you differentiate between an American Hero and a Symbol of Hate

A woman named Demetria McFarland, who is a fifth-grade teacher, started a petition that led to the removal of a statue that was sitting outside the Harrison County courthouse in Marshall, Texas, since 1905.

The statue had writing that said “”CONFEDERATE””. The black woman said that it epitomizes the slavery and torture my ancestors went through. The statement was enough to order the removal of the statue because of the ongoing state of the country.

As the civil rights movement engages, more statues removed down, which shows the tremendous loss of American men and women.
The movement is getting bigger and stronger as the Mississippi state passed a bill to create the new flag with no associated emblems. Moreover, Princeton university took down the name of President Wilson’s name off the college as it showed racial encouragement. And in New York, an official of the state took down the statue of Spanish Diego De Vargas, who brutalized American people.

Many petitions and cases are against several monuments that degraded the black lives and only honored the other ones. However, on the great 4rth of July, the President increased the spark for the movement and traveled to Mount Rushmore to dictate that the country built by men and women who were not heroes but villains.

Jenner Runyon, a research staffer, has said that there is a spike in the petition for changing names of various mountains, parks, and other public places that overpower the black lives. Claims to have a dozen proposals on racial monuments that need to change in the upcoming years.

An example of such changes is the mountain called Jeff Davis peak that implicates the confederate President will change to Da-Ek Dow Go-et mountain which means

Jenner Runyon says that they review all kinds of petitions and changes, but you need to have the changed names which people and communities can relate to.


“National Garden of American Heroes” Trump elects the historical heroes

During the speech on the 4th of July, in Mount Rushmore, President Donald Trump announced to establish the National Garden of American Heroes with people of significant influence in the formation of the great nation of the United States of America.

Trump decided to do this because of the wake of George Floyd’s demise in may. The movement across the country of the US has numerous petitions that need to change to revolutionize the country as one great nation that respects everybody.

Trump has sentenced a particular punishment for the protestors who are breaking down statues and creating an alarming stage for the police to cause chaos among the citizens.

In the speech in South Dakota, Trump said, “To destroy a monument is to treat with violent disrespect.” He also implied the law that prohibits the citizens from destroying or removing the statues according to their wimps. The order says that the figures are not only ours but of generations that suffered to overcome cruelty and of ages that aren’t born yet need to know the cause of their freedom.

The National Garden will include people with significant influence that did not live a perfect life but brought good health for the American people in return for their blood. These figures will be of citizens and people who made substantial contributions to the development of the great US nation. The monuments will include Columbus and Serra, who are depicted by the protestors as bad people for black lives.

The full list of substantial contributors and featured below:

John Adams
Susan B. Anthony
Clara Barton
Daniel Boone
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Henry Clay
Davy Crockett
Frederick Douglass
Amelia Earhart
Benjamin Franklin
Billy Graham
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln
Douglas MacArthur
Dolley Madison
James Madison
Christa McAuliffe
Audie Murphy
George S. Patton, Jr.
Ronald Reagan
Jackie Robinson
Betsy Ross
Antonin Scalia
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Tubman
Booker T. Washington
George Washington
Orville and Wilbur Wright
The National Garden aims to open on the 250th anniversary of the declaration of Independence on July 4rth, 2026.


PewDiePie, the controversial YouTube star informed that he is taking a break in 2020

PewDiePie is referred and labeled as a racist and anti-Semite. Felix Kjelberg the controversial
Swedish vlogger is more popular and now referred to as PewDiePie informed that he is going to
take a break from the YouTube platform in early 2020 since he is tired and feeling very tired.
This announcement was posted as a video over the online platform by PewDiePie over this
weekend. This interval is apparently temporary and PewDiePie informed that he will away for a
little while from the YouTube platform and explain its entire reason more lately.
He is one of the best and most popular online video megastar has more than 110 million
subscribers and followers on his YouTube channel and often vlogs about memes & video
games. Most of his devise views will change the elements embraced for the far right. In 2017,
the YouTube owner along with Disney utilized the Google platform to terminate the tie-up with
PewDiePie since they heard that he had utilized numerous racial slurs for his live streams.
Moreover, he also posted a video content featuring that two men holding on their hands with a
signboard stating that “Death to all Jews”, which created an impact over the online platform.
Earlier this year, PewDiePie also referenced a hateful manifesto of about 74-page about the
suspected white supremacist gunman, who killed the lives of around 50 people at two different
mosques in New Zealand.
However, this is not accepted by numerous subscribers and followers over the internet.
PewDiePie informed through his Twitter page stating that he is feeling absolutely sad for
spoiling his name by this person. Even though he had denied about the anti-Semitic and racist
allegations against him, he did canceled the earlier pledge that was made in September for
donating around $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League Charity of Jewish anti-hate


Approaching for Election 2020, the More States looking for teens to vote at School

Recently, an 18-year-old girl showcased her idea and spared two days to school for pre-voter
registration to participate in the Florida School Board Association. Her proposal can be easily
adopted by the districts only if the Superintendents of the Florida Association of District School
or the school board group signs on the document. While approaching for the 2020 Presidential
election, the big role in terms of income will be a question for the young Americas about voting
and whom to vote. Any America teens who complete by 18 can easily pre-register to vote on
Election Day.
According to the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures), the Columbia District and
Florida states (along with other 14 states) will allow the teens to pre-register for voting after
completing 16 years. Some states are entirely different and planned to allow the students to
pre-register from their schooling itself. Especially in California, the last two weeks in April & as
well as September months are assigned as High School Voter Education Weeks. During these
weeks, the respective schools need to coordinate with the county election officials for guiding
the students for the voting process.
In Florida, the Voter-registration resolution is successfully implemented by the local school
board located in Leon County. The Leon High School seniors had planned to integrate with the
Student Government Association Project. She initiated a uniform system for the County and
made it much easier for the school students to register themselves for the voting process and
successfully started the project. As per the resolution, the Leon County registration process is
started in September on the National Voter Registration Day and as well as in January, Martin
Luther King Jr. holiday for every year in schools.
She informed that while at 16, she pre-registered for the voting process through the online
platform and recently got her voter registration card. Billy Epting, the Leon School Principal
informed us that it is better to start the voting process from a young age which will inspire
them to vote in the future as well. She is also congratulated by the Leon Schools
Superintendent for her potential idea.


Democratic Debate: Holiday shopping deadline, Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker – Important things to know

Democratic presidential debate about the Fresh Off Thursday nights in Los Angeles, Sen. Bernie
Sanders of Sen and Vermont. On Friday, Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota will be heading back
the campaign trail. Sanders need to stay back in Southern California for holding the entire
events in San Diego and Moreno Valley. Amy Klobuchar will showcase the strong performance
during the debate and got the Winner award as per our analysis. As per her campaign, she is
starting the 3 rd bus tour on Monday from lowa and hit the other 27 countries.
The last Democratic debate conducted in 2019 includes various key moments such as a
spotlight is used to decrease the diversity on South Bend, Ind and the debate stage. Pete
Buttigieg, the Mayor will speak about the recent fundraiser which was conducted in Napa
Valley (Calif) at a Wine Cave.
Empathy – Biden can reply to the tweet of Huckanee Sanders’s about the Stuttering.
Buttigieg vs. Warren – South Bend, Ind was blasted by the Massachusetts senator. Encrusted of
Wine cave fundraiser and mayor over Swarovski crystal.
Lost by 20 Points – It describes the unfolded debate of sixth Democratic.
Polarizing films: “Cats” & “Star Wars” hit theaters
On Friday, two most famous Hollywood films are going to hit the theaters: “Star Wars – The
Rise of the Skywalker”, the most recent trilogy of the epic saga’s final film and the “Cats”, a
revision of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical hit. The Star Wars got numerous mixed reviews
with around 57% positive along with some rotten tomatoes rating. Brian Truitt informed that
the Rise of the Skywalker is not the best film from Star Wars series however; this one has a
fantastic dynamic group, cool twists, and also great new characters.
A review about the “Cats” film is entirely negative by calling the all-star outlandishly tacky and
musical cat-tastrophic. Brain Truitt informed that the movie is utterly ridiculous however; the
charming movie of Broadway hit with musical version.
Taylor Swift – He is one of the best songwriter & singer in the Cats movie.
Worst to Best – The best ranking system for entire Star Wars movies.
Catch Up – It is essential to know something before watching the Star Wars movie.
Effective across the U.S. territories to ban the Federal Cockfighting

Effective from Friday, the Federal law was expanded to existing nation-wide cockfighting is
entirely bad from Guam to other U.S. territories. It happens from one-year completion of
signing the law after designated as President. As per the bam, the sponsor or who exhibits birds
from a cockfight make face a fine or imprisonment for 5 years if they are convicted.
Even attending the Cockfight is punishable with one-year in federal prison or pays the fine.
Guam & Puerto Rico are the two major U.S. territories to earn more profitable for decades by
using the cockfighting business. The local bodies are trying to get its legalization and the
practice is defended by the local government leaders to ban.