As we all know, Sony is not able to fix the price of its upcoming PlayStation 5. There is a constant debate about a user sharing some information. He explains that it looks like a survey where the company is gathering information for the price segments.

According to the survey and information gathered, the price of the PS5 is ok with users. But, the company has introduced two rates, which are creating confusion among the users.

The customer gets two price choices, 349 euros and 259 euros, which is the digital version of PS5. If it is in dollars, it is closer to $436 and $330, which is just $36 and $20 more than the PS4. Although or about $ 64 cheaper than the PS3 starting price. Experts believe that PS5 has something exciting and more than the expectations of the users.

Sony can put everyone’s opinions on a wide range. To decide how far people agree with the price released and where to make the purchase. Whereas this does not mean that Sony prioritizes high-priced items sold because the target is to fix the number and the cost of production. There is a lot of discussion about the price of PS5. Some have also claimed that it may be priced at $499 in the US and £449 in the UK. After the launch of the PS5, the digital version can be up to $399 and 349 pounds.

People feel that hardware should not be focused on a price company is providing the product. And if you want, you can find out that the lowest amount of the console’s GPU specs is $350 with which you use the 825 GB SSD, which costs $100. In this way, you need CPU, RAM, gamepad, mainboard, or many other features and accessories, where you have to pay some more bucks. Sony can thus cost you up to 600 for the PS5, but at least the price debate continues. It is expected that it will be launched when the price is low because the cost of any item is determined by what the market is sure to lose or win.


Lava-Z61-Pro-Disclose_-Made-in-India (1)

Lava, one of the leading Indian smartphone manufacturing companies, has Unveiled Lava Z61 Pro. The company has announced the smartphone at the price of INR 5,774. It will work best for people wanting small as well as cheap smartphones, with only 5.45 inches of screen for daily smart needs.

The smartphone screen comes with a 720 x 1440 px resolution and is covered with the 2.5D glass. It comes with the classic design, and the 5MP selfie camera is a bezel above the screen. You’ll get the 8MP rear camera with HDR, night mode as well as portrait mode with it. The smartphone doesn’t have any fingerprint sensors or reader; however, you can use your front camera for face unlocking.

Well, the facelock offered by the company is lightning fast, as it can trigger in 0.6 seconds. The smartphone is a successor of the Lava Z61 from a couple of years ago. The smartphone offers a 1.6GHz octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM. It can run the base version to run Android. However, the company still not revealed which version of Android it will carry on the smartphone.

Overall, the Lava Z61 Pro has 16 GB of in-built storage as well as a microSD card slot, which can be extended up to 128 GB more. The device comes with a dual-SIM smartphone with 4G VoLTE support, Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2. It carries out a 3100mAh battery and 3.5mm headphone jack.

One of the key reasons which you definitely love about the smartphone is it is “Made in India.” Last month the company shifted production facilities from China to India, including its R&D center.

The Lava Z61 Pro is available on Amazon, Flipkart and brick and mortar stores in a week. You can choose between different colors Midnight Blue and Amber Red paint jobs.



From the very start, One Plus phones created their own space in the market. One Plus is also famous for launching mobile devices every now and then.

Recently, One Plus has again decided to launch a new device. The device is named as One Plus Nord. One Plus Nord is planned to launch on 21 st of July 2020. It would be a different experience from the launching of other One Plus devices.

It is in the hot topics that One Plus Nord will have the processor of Snapdragon 765G. The Amazon India teaser page recently updated the launching details of One Plus Nord. The image shared on the teaser page shows the invitation for the One Plus Nord. The page shows the launching date and also provided a link on the event landing page. However, the link is not live now.

According to the updates, One Plus is planning to pull off an AR event. The details of this AR event is likely to disclose near the date of launching. Recently, the listings which were revealed clearly show that the physical AR invites are of the same size as One Plus Nord device. TechRadar first revealed this listing.

Talking about the One Plus company, there is no official announcement made about the launching of One Plus Nord. The company e has decided to launch One Plus Nord in India and Europe. Also, the information about the Snapdragon 765G processor is confirmed.

Talking something about the leaked information, One Plus Nord has a battery of 4000 mAh, which comes with 30W fast charging. It is also said that the screen of One Plus Nord has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The screen size will be 6.40 inches with a hole punch front camera and quad setup rear cameras. The One Plus Nord will run on Android 10, the RAM and the internal storage of the device will be 10 GB and 128 GB respectively. Moreover, the name of the device is still not decided, the rumors tell that the name would be One Plus One Plus Nord or One Plus lite.

You may also accept that One Plus might increase the date of launching to increase the hype.



One of the manufacturing giants from Japan popular for its build quality Sony has recently announced that they invest $250 million in Epic Games. This $250 million deal gives Sony an interest in the gaming development studio as well as publisher.

According to a press release, the investment-led both the companies, “Broaden their collaboration across Sony’s leading portfolio of entertainment assets and technology, and Epic’s social entertainment platform and digital ecosystem to create unique experiences for consumers and creators,”

Moreover, the press release also states that Sony and Epic Games might create more entertaining games like Fortnite. The Epic Games company CEO and founder Tim Sweeney said, “We share the vision of real-time 3D social experiences leading to a convergence of gaming, film as well as the music industry.“ Sony Pictures and Sony Music might get a closer look at upgrading its PlayStation division’s games, and Epic will help them how to improvise gaming experience.

Well, well, well, this particular deal doesn’t mean Epic titles will now be exclusive for Sony Consoles ~ the studio will still be able to publish games on other platforms. Epic Games already confirmed this to VentureBeat.

Both Sony, as well as Epic, are working together for years, and Sweeney called Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console a remarkably balanced device. Epic Games already use Sony PlayStation 5 to show off their abilities and the next-gen game engine. Sweeney also said that the company is working hard with Sony to develop the next-gen console’s storage and stating, “We’ve been working super close with Sony for quite a long time on storage.”

Epic Games also instrumental in getting Sony on board with a cross-play multiplayer since September 2018. However, if you have a Fortnite account before that, then Nintendo Switch and Xbox One players can play with each other and can even access progress and skin across those consoles. Meanwhile, the majority of PS4 games have added cross-play multiplayer features.

Epic has other investors like Tencent, who have invested a considerable amount of $330 million in 2012 and get a 40% stake in the studio. However, Sony isn’t investing as big as stake like Tencent. Sony and Epic said this $250 million deal a ‘minority interest,’ and Epic’s valuation has grown significantly after 2012. The company is celebrating the ongoing success of Fortnite, which earned $400 million in revenue in April of this year reports VentureBeat.

Sooner or later, both the companies are going to launch a newly constructed and more enhanced gaming experience for its users.



Trump hasn’t yet provided an official statement but claims to have the banning of Tik-Tok as one of the many things to retaliate China over coronavirus, which has infected more than three million citizens in the US and death rate stands at almost 130,000 peoples.

These comments of Trump came on Tuesday after the Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that officials are looking to ban the app.

Officials are looking for banning the app will be one of many steps to retaliate against the Chinese government upon holding the accountability for the rise of such pandemic. The world is facing an economic crisis because of these people who were unable to provide information about the leak of coronavirus.

However, Trump did not offer any specific details on banning the app but is undoubtedly considering the fact. The short video app Tik-Tok has been a subject for compromising the privacy policy over the citizen’s data. According to the children and the inquires done by the US Federal Trade Commission, it has found that the Tik-Tok application is not upholding the several privacy policies and collecting data of 13 years old children without the consent of parental permission.

Fortunately, the CEO of Tik-Tok is an American Citizen working with hundreds of American employees. He claims that no information goes to the Chinese government, nor will it ever be.

However, the statement by the CEO of Tik-Tok does not satisfy any Federal officials as they are thinking of providing the same crisis that China has given to the United States of America and the world.

After India’s recent move to banning almost 60 Chinese apps, the Trump administration is certainly looking at it, says Pompeo. Pompeo and other government officials, also called Tik-Tok, can be a threat in the upcoming days for the US.



The US has seen an alarming spike in the number of covid19 cases. Despite their optimum efforts to slow down the viral infection, there is nothing to date to stop it. Each day is a new record-breaking in the number of cases of covid19 as the disease grows exponentially.

The world has seen the same impact. However, the USA seems to see the worst. The total number of cases have crossed the mark of 2.8 million infected and nearly 130,000 dead.

With an everyday rise in the number of COVID19 patients, the citizens ask the White house –
Isn’t the President responsible for spreading the awareness of wearing masks?

The President of the United States of America has been facing tremendous criticism as he has resisted wearing a mask. The White House claims that the officials from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended wearing masks, but it is not a requirement. Moreover, it is one’s willingness to wear a mask.

However, another administration adviser and the coronavirus task force has tried to warn the citizens of the country to wear a mask. But, there are no proper steps taken to imply the law and provoke the importance of masks.

Do the testing equal more cases?

Trump said that the recent rise in the covid19 cases is pure because of the enormous testing done. Trump even said that he needed to ask the experts to slow down the number of testing as it made the USA look bad.

However, the experts said that the daily testing numbers are around 550,000. But, it needs to increase as the reopening of many states has awakened the monstrous disease spread.

Trump tweeted on June 23 that the rise in the cases is solely because of the significant testing, but Giroir told the members of Congress that the surge depicts the actual spike in the infected regions. Claims that cases are up because of the spreading infection and relaxed social distancing practice.



In 2015 Donald Trump Tweeted on welcoming international students to study in their prestigious and world-class institutes and now have offered them to leave and return to their homes.

The US immigration federation recently detailed that the ongoing semesters have entirely chosen to teach online and have resulted in international students leaving and returning to their country until the pandemic changes its direction.

The decision was taken by the US immigration federation and Custom Enforcement in an account for pressuring the officials to reopen the colleges and universities during the growing infection of coronavirus in adults.

This tactic of Trump has been the move to remove foreigners from the US and pave success for the American citizens. In the last few months, Trump has also made efforts to stop people coming to the United States and making things prosper for its citizens.

One of the tactics to remove foreign engineers and other specialists for the US soil is the temporary suspension of H-1B visas and merit-based immigration visas. However, the move by Trump was named economically stupid but will reform the skilled worker’s job for American citizens.

In the account of the weird news, Trump’s tweet has been rounding in the social media where he dictated the want of foreigners in the US to establish their goals and pursue careers in their suitable fields. However, many experts claimed that Trump already has such agendas that will deteriorate the US as a desired place for students to pursue higher education.

After the elections, when Trump became the President, many experts depicted that he had some shocking agendas in his mind, like prohibiting Muslims from entering the country, suspending educational vivas, building the Mexican Wall.

Yes, you heard it right. Trump always tweets in every 5 Years, welcoming the foreigners to establish their careers in the US soil but fails to show in his administration.



The usage of Hydroxychloroquine has been one of the most political issues for treating coronavirus patients. A top White House official declared that the drug is highly effective while treating early stages of coronavirus, the part of politicizing the drug is silly.

Hydroxychloroquine is malaria treating drug that is highly effective in treating early coronavirus patients. However, the mainstream media and some medical communities have made this a battle between President Trump and others. The drug has provided benefits for more than 60 years and is given to pregnant women while suffering from malaria.

A doctor from Detroit Hospital filed a request for the usage of hydroxychloroquine under three main stages of clinical treatment. One, to ensure the prevention, secondary as possible prophylaxis, and third for first treatment usage.

However, the allegations made for the drug might be true as the patients treated with hydroxychloroquine displayed an astonishing result, which was a reduced 50% mortality rate.

On the other hand, Doctor Peter Navarro said that the odds of getting hydroxy hysteria are way smaller than the odds of providing you treatment from coronavirus.
He also said India is widely using the drug to treat patients of coronavirus, and we are politicizing the drug while the spike of the pandemic is severely growing every day.

He said if you look at the 14-day arc of the virus, the first 7 days are the most crucial ones to heal the patient because, at this point, the lungs are not fully infected, and other organs are not infected yet. Fortunately, the drug has medical benefits that create alkalinity on your cell, which slows and even down the replication process of the virus.

Navarro said that the usage of the drug could save the lives of tens and thousands of American men and women, rather than politicizing the drug, we must start acting and treating infected ones.


Fighting Over an American Monument ~ Citizens Ask How do you differentiate between an American Hero and a Symbol of Hate

A woman named Demetria McFarland, who is a fifth-grade teacher, started a petition that led to the removal of a statue that was sitting outside the Harrison County courthouse in Marshall, Texas, since 1905.

The statue had writing that said “”CONFEDERATE””. The black woman said that it epitomizes the slavery and torture my ancestors went through. The statement was enough to order the removal of the statue because of the ongoing state of the country.

As the civil rights movement engages, more statues removed down, which shows the tremendous loss of American men and women.
The movement is getting bigger and stronger as the Mississippi state passed a bill to create the new flag with no associated emblems. Moreover, Princeton university took down the name of President Wilson’s name off the college as it showed racial encouragement. And in New York, an official of the state took down the statue of Spanish Diego De Vargas, who brutalized American people.

Many petitions and cases are against several monuments that degraded the black lives and only honored the other ones. However, on the great 4rth of July, the President increased the spark for the movement and traveled to Mount Rushmore to dictate that the country built by men and women who were not heroes but villains.

Jenner Runyon, a research staffer, has said that there is a spike in the petition for changing names of various mountains, parks, and other public places that overpower the black lives. Claims to have a dozen proposals on racial monuments that need to change in the upcoming years.

An example of such changes is the mountain called Jeff Davis peak that implicates the confederate President will change to Da-Ek Dow Go-et mountain which means

Jenner Runyon says that they review all kinds of petitions and changes, but you need to have the changed names which people and communities can relate to.


“National Garden of American Heroes” Trump elects the historical heroes

During the speech on the 4th of July, in Mount Rushmore, President Donald Trump announced to establish the National Garden of American Heroes with people of significant influence in the formation of the great nation of the United States of America.

Trump decided to do this because of the wake of George Floyd’s demise in may. The movement across the country of the US has numerous petitions that need to change to revolutionize the country as one great nation that respects everybody.

Trump has sentenced a particular punishment for the protestors who are breaking down statues and creating an alarming stage for the police to cause chaos among the citizens.

In the speech in South Dakota, Trump said, “To destroy a monument is to treat with violent disrespect.” He also implied the law that prohibits the citizens from destroying or removing the statues according to their wimps. The order says that the figures are not only ours but of generations that suffered to overcome cruelty and of ages that aren’t born yet need to know the cause of their freedom.

The National Garden will include people with significant influence that did not live a perfect life but brought good health for the American people in return for their blood. These figures will be of citizens and people who made substantial contributions to the development of the great US nation. The monuments will include Columbus and Serra, who are depicted by the protestors as bad people for black lives.

The full list of substantial contributors and featured below:

John Adams
Susan B. Anthony
Clara Barton
Daniel Boone
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Henry Clay
Davy Crockett
Frederick Douglass
Amelia Earhart
Benjamin Franklin
Billy Graham
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln
Douglas MacArthur
Dolley Madison
James Madison
Christa McAuliffe
Audie Murphy
George S. Patton, Jr.
Ronald Reagan
Jackie Robinson
Betsy Ross
Antonin Scalia
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Tubman
Booker T. Washington
George Washington
Orville and Wilbur Wright
The National Garden aims to open on the 250th anniversary of the declaration of Independence on July 4rth, 2026.