October 7, 2022

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100 killed in Freetown tanker blast

Vehicles burned in Freetown on November 6, the day after a tanker exploded at a gas station in the Sierra Leone capital, killing scores of people. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

A total of 98 deaths have been recorded so far and 92 survivors are currently being admitted to various hospitals in Freetown.“, Refers to NDMA in a press release.

An earlier statement had called for the beleagured PM to resign.88 people suffered severe burns“She was admitted to intensive care.

Eyewitnesses said the tanker exploded at a petrol station after colliding with another heavy truck. Then the fire spread like wildfire to the neighborhood.

Contrary to what was initially reported by the AFP rescuer, the fuel depot near the crash did not explode, the AFP reporter found.

Jusu Jacka Yorma, a witness and volunteer rescuer for AFP, said most of the victims were street vendors and motorcyclists caught in the fire as they tried to retrieve fuel from the tanker.

A nurse at a hospital where the victims were evacuated confirmed to AFP that she had received several women, men and children.Severe injuriesSeveral burnt bodies were found in the wreckage of a car that was still smoking at the scene of the explosion and the streets adjacent to it.

On Saturday morning, November 6, as relief work continued under police supervision, several residents rushed to the scene of the tragedy in search of relatives, the AFP reporter said.

Pictures “Breaking the heart

In a message posted on Twitter on Saturday, November 6, Sierra Leonean President Julius Mata Pio said to himself, “Moved deep by tragic fire and horrific loss of life “.

Firefighters respond to an explosion in Freetown on November 6. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN
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“I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved families and the bereaved.”, He added, “his government.”Will do everything in favor of the affected families“.

UN in Sierra Leone The office, as a partner of the country, it “Is ready to closely monitor the situation and implement the required response“The government needs to help.

For his part, Freetown Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyer said in a statement posted on Facebook.Deep regret“.”The videos and photos circulating on social networking sites are heartbreakingMe Aki-Sawyer regretted not being able to go there because he was on a trip abroad.

Sierra Leone, a former British colony with a population of 7.5 million, is one of the poorest countries on the planet, despite its diamond-rich soil. Its economy, plagued by corruption, was devastated by the Civil War (1991-2002), which killed about 120,000 people.

It remains weak after the Ebola epidemic that devastated the country in 2014-2016, the fall in global commodity prices and the COVID-19 epidemic.

Accidents like this happen frequently in Africa. In July, in Kenya, 13 people were killed and many more were severely burned.The big fireball“People sucking fuel from an inverted tanker, it sank when it caught fire.