March 25, 2023

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«20 journeys après, on a visitors espoir de retrover nos collègues» dans la mine souterraine

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The Huit Mineers coincides with 20 journeys in the mine of Zinc de Percoa, in the center-of-Burkina Faso, where visitors prisoners eaux et l’on no stranger pas sils sont encore en view. Les autorités and la mine burkinabés sétaient engagis à tout faire pour accider dici à ce jeudi matin 5 mai à chambre de sauotage souterraine, oo sont peut-réfugiés les miners. Pour quoi calendrier n’a pas té respecté? The question is we have Moussa Palenfo Ditil, the director of Nantou mining à Perkoa, the filler of burkinabé, the canadien, Trevali Mining.

RFI: Les autorités burkinabè et la mine mine sétaient engaiés semaine dernière à tout faire pour que chamber souterraine, oontt peut-retré rugfugiés les miners, so accessible av jeudi 5 mai. Force is maintaining the sauvetage na pas encore pu avair lieu, 20 days aplès linondation. Quest-qu qui explique ce retard?

Moussa Palenfo Ditil : Deposit 16 avril, we sommes éprouvés this cette in quond a guardé huit people en captivit dans la mine souterraine. Deposit lors, we have our travels with most of our clients, with our autonomous governorship at all places where we permit our daily database on the number of people.

In these journeys, we sommes on train pomper or a ditbit of 70 liters per second, which is an accrual of the capacity of ramport pp celle our avions début. Malheureusement, we have re-encountered difficult difficulties with dispositif technique. The system pompage, which is a series of pompoms, which computer entre 5 and 7 pompes. We sommes milieu souterrain and ne peut pas avoir une cele pompe qui pompe louau du fond de la mine vers la surface, donc il faut metre en place des souries de pompes. Dance dispositif, in ya en a qui function function à léelectricité et ll, n’y a pas de problme. But the pomp of the diesel sont diffiles à caliber, en agencer with other pompes. Or quand une pompe tombe en panne, in faut arrter tote la série. This is because of the fact that malpractice is one of the most common causes of death in the chamber of refuge. But we are trying to redouble our efforts. We’m going to share the novels’ pompous command in Ghana, where we’ve asked about the pomp and circumstance of Sudri. We all have a book on the coverage of this book.

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We’m contacting your family to continue to contact your app at your new site. We will contact you with our autos. Les ministers vont repasser on the site aujourd’hui (jeudi 5 mai). It’s our sponsorship that makes us one of the most sought after travelers in our world, trying to mobilize all the movables for the convenience of the world’s sauotage des huit people’s in my soul.

You can contact your family members by video. Else on the portal Content X and the plain n ne pas per per saveri salari des mineers.

Deposit 17 avril, we sommes in contact regulation with family members of travelers who own blocks in my souterraine. We have these séances dinformation. We’ve made a special offer to visit the site for a visit. Ils sont all mine souterraine for the complexity of the situation, the conditions in our travels and the moines that we have in ours. At this point, we’re the app of our ezayones psychology, a source of knowledge and finance.

It’s a great way to get word out that your comptroller bankers are travelers. But in parallel, mine mine dicido leor accorder a soutien financier. But for family, all families are not alone, but all of their cofferdamflexion, all my instant pas prende soutien financier la mine for linstant. Quant à la banque, elle a ses exigences, we ne matrix pas dans quels conditions gens peuvent aller toucher qui ont évirus sur les comptes des travailleurs qui ne sont pas presents. But certainly the banque dira ce quil faut faire pour dibloquer cela.

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We, your engagement, are our family, we’m the family’s donor, we’m a financier and we’ll always be there to help you find out the details. On this day I’ll be on the peat-and-peer’s payroll’s fralas in Scholarity, desi soins… il ya des parents de victimes quo depend on travailleurs at my own moment. Donc, on this dit quot faut avoir un regard on the other family, the temps que lin finse les operations sauvetage. But for sure, you’ll not accept this site. On comprehend, the situation is different.

La maison-mire canadienne Trevali Mining at-elle fait acheminer du matriel special jusquai Burkina Faso pour essayer li libra ces mineurs pigs par eaux?

La maison-mire sest mobilisie tot de suite, parce que le PDG du group Ricus Grimbeek et le director des Operations Derek du Preez sont venus, mime quo dauteres personals like direct HSE environnement. If you have any questions, please contact our expert «rescue emergency team l, the query at messengers durgence. Donc, ils sont là, on travaille au quotidien. But we’m not going to tell you the tiel. Come on in, take a look at the complexity of the situation, our dicouvrons au fil du temps. This is the group that mobilizes our mobile app as our resource resources.

This is our voulons, cess receiver totes aides quo permont daller plus vite dans this operation in sauetage. In your passage, I’m going to minimize your own diplomacy, which is one of the first primes to accidental clicks on the accident, in your search engine and on your personal staff. But in the sample situation, we’ll pass on the plein mesure dès le dpart. It’s on this site that you’ll buy more. On attendance at the sectoral minier. This is the sapurs-pompiers de brigade nationale basée à Koudougou. The Guinean Millionaire is our dj aids, but we want to encore fire to choose our accomplice, who will place our acceptors on his side.

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Which of these guards do you use to retrieve miners from Vivants?

Oui, on a déjà vu à travers le monde des accidents arriving in the mines, like a pris du temps et in these conditions, des persones on pu sautés, mime après a mois. Nous, not espoir, c’est vraiment la chambre de refugee. On the other hand you have our colliegues in the chamber of refuge, on the vreiment of the power of the retrover, you are my sommes for our 20 journeys.