May 30, 2023

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8 years later, a kidnapper was killed, but the investigation is progressing


It has been eight years since our colleagues Kisline Dupont and Claude Verlon were assassinated in Gidal. On November 2, 2013, they reported when a four-member commando abducted them and then killed them a few kilometers from the city. An alleged assassination by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Eight years later, there are still many gray areas. Judicial proceedings continue in France and Mali. Now only one kidnapper is alive.

The justice system continued its hard work this year and listened to new people. If none of these interviews were filtered for reasons that should be kept secret in these interviews, they have opened up new avenues as they have sparked a series of demands for action from civil parties seeking new avenues. Some documents. Eight years after the incident, the trial is not over.

After years of war with operator Malidel, the French judge finally recovered the phone calls he had hoped for, thanks to the cooperation of Mali’s colleague and the mobilization of technicians. A lengthy and difficult analysis of the readings is being conducted by investigators at the DGSI (French Directorate for Homeland Security). But, compared to the data already held by the justice system from Orange Mali, it will help to better define the relationship between theatrical actors and establish new complicity and responsibilities.

Another highlight this year is the reduction in the number of suspects still alive and able to speak: In early June, the death of Bay Ak Bagabo, Commander of the Commando of the Captives.

Baye Ag Bakabo was not targeted, according to the French military

On June 5, the French army attacked a group of terrorists preparing for an attack near Aguelhok against a UN base set up at this location on the border with northern Mali. On the 11th, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley announced that 4 jihadists had been killed.


The commando who killed Kisline DuPont and Claude Verlon was led by the demon Og Bagapo. Ansar Dine, a former militant, was later close to Akmi Sedane ak hita (One of the sponsors of the assassination, now GSIM, administrator of Iyad Ag Ghaly’s Islam and Muslim Support Group) was questioned in March 2013 by French intelligence services and forced surveillance in Gidal. Other meetings. As some sources point out, has he become an intelligence agent, Malian or French or both?

However, five months ago, according to the official version, the French military discovered that he was one of the victims only after surgery. In short: he was not personally targeted.

One version contradicted several sources, including the military, according to which the target group followed for several days. According to these sources, the presence of Baye Ag Bakabo, which is considered a priority destination, was well known.

After the fact, RFI’s requests for clarification on how the ghost Akh Baqabo will be identified have not been answered. French staff call “ The level of secrecy that affects this process. ⁇

When he made the announcement, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Barley announced the death of Bay of Pique. Met[tait] The end of the long wait “A few days later, Kisline Dupont and Claude Verlon’s Friends Association Instead he mourned his death, Which prevented ” The truth of an investigation »: We expected justice, not revenge.

Since the disappearance of the ghost Aak Bakapo, only one commando member is now able to speak.

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Hamadi Ak Mohammed, the last abductee is still alive

His real name is Hamadi Ak Mohammad. Because he uses others: Hamadi ak Dalta, Abu Nakima or Abo Mouser, according to information gathered by French intelligence, also indicates that the person is famous. For its religious austerity .

In 2013, Hamadi, like the other three members of the commando who killed Akh Mohamed, Kislyn DuPont and Claude Verlon, was a fighter for Qadiba Youssef bin Duchfin, an al-Qaeda affiliate of the Islamic Maghreb and led by Sedan Akh Hita. Sedan became one of the right-hand men of Iyad Aq Qali, the leader of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims. Hamadi Ak Mohammed would also have taken the lead.

If his name had not yet been leaked to several commentators, several local sources contacted by the RFI, including those close to some jihadist groups, would have explained that Hamadi aq Mohammed would still be working with Sedan ak Hita and that he would have been. A reliable man The Yath. ⁇ It will never stay in one place “, We explain, but” It is most often between Tinzaouatine and Intibzaz in Algeria », An area located on the edge of the Kidal and Cao regions, this Dwarka, belonged to the Ibilpitiane region by his father and Imqat by his mother actually came from. And where will the two women he married always be?

Is General Moussa Tiwara the key witness?

A man is particularly interested in civil parties. This Moussa Diawara, Then head of the Mali Intelligence Service.

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Until the August 2020 coup, this general remained untouchable. But since the end of July, Mali journalist Brahma Toure has been arrested and jailed in connection with his disappearance in 2016. A former head of intelligence, he was the best-informed man in Mali for many years. It is for this reason that the lawyers of the relatives of our colleagues are interested.

When the facts come out, his investigation may be worthwhile: several people were informed of the massacre long before the official time the bodies were found, and the former intelligence chief shed light on the mystery.

According to the then French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Trian, he may have known more about those who benefited from the kidnappers and those who betrayed our comrades. Relatives of the victims.

The former head of the Malian DGSE is another subject that can provide useful details: shared before and after the tragedy by French or American services. In particular, French President Franois Hollande described before an RFI journalist that when summoned to appear before a judge in January 2019, he denied its existence and did not enter the file even after a request from a French judge. .

For the relatives of the victims, the trial of Moussa Tiara is no more important than the trial of his French representative Bernard Pazolet, who was questioned by a judge in December 2018.