March 25, 2023

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à Boutcha, Guterres appelle Moscou à cooper with CPI

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Après sa rencontre avec Vladimir Poutine à Moscou, the author of the GNARAL L’ONU train on Ukraine or Jeudi 28 avril. In Matinee, Antonio Guterres is the second of two banlieue de Kiev, in Trois villes théâtres diexactions imputées à l’armée russe.

The first pourtappe for Antonio Guterres’s Borodianka jeudi. This bourgeoisie has all the bombardments in the civils and the civils on the database of all parts of the world. ⁇ The guerrilla is an absurdity of 21 cycles Antonio Guterres, the clergyman, is the ruler of the United States.

A 21-year-old cyclist is an absurdity, the most inacceptable. Ici, jimagine ma famille, with a ces maisons aujourd’hui datruites and noires. I’m petite-fille, sfnfuyant, paniquée. Une partie your family and you will find out more.

Antonio Guterres à Borodianka

A visit to Puis on an other local local avenue symbols des atrocities commissions depuis l’invasion russe, Boutcha, où l’ONU a document of the Moivs of 50 Civils, certainly for execution summary.

All civils have civils which point in Prix and more live

The visage grave, the secret general in the LONU a parole devant des journalists: Lorsque our voyons ce site horrible, I rend compte at this point it is important [d’avoir] a new approfondie and two rende comptes. I’m going to tell you the exact location of this situation, which the bureau of the procurer’s soot on site. I agree with the Courthouse International (CPI) et j’appelle la Fédération de Russie à accepter, coopérer avec la CPI. But Lorsque is the guerrilla of our parlons crimes, we are not the guards of the pier des crimes est guerre elle-mime.

Et For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed, here are some of the ones I found: Antonio Guterres’s troposième étpepe, à Irpin. Kiev accuses forces russes d’y avoir, li aussi, commis des massacres. The Vocational Volodymyr Zelensky ceser in the middle of the last day of the LOON OULLOCASSION DAY.

Ire À lyre aussi: Antonio Guterres à Moscou, quel impact on the trajectory of Kremlin?

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