December 7, 2022

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a hangar davions and dux caches darmes pris for cibles in Russie

AA / Moscou

The mini russe de la Dfense and annoncé avoir ciblé a hangar davions in the village of Khmelnytskyï, in the center of l’Ukraine, and the dépôt d’rmes pr des in the capital, Kiev.

In a communicative public mardi, the porte-parole du ministre de la Defense, Igor Konachenkov, dcclaré that process ciblage était effect for missiles hate precision lancis par voie arienne and maritime.

It’s explicit that the precision rushes avaient touch on the hangar and the dilemmas of Khmelnytsky, but also on the Rivion of Gavrilovka, in Kiev.

The mimic source is the soul of guerrilla avient 32 ditruits, dont a radar, afrin diriger les missiles “S-300”, and the system missile de difense arienne “Buk M1”.

I’m not sure if this commenter’s immortalizing the part of Ukraine regarding the declaration of responsive millennial russe, and I’ll be able to verify the version of Mosquito’s sources in the Independents.

The 24th anniversary of the Russian operation of the Operation Military in Ukraine, which is the suicidal reaction of internationals and sanctions economics and financiers “Mosques” in Moscow.

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