December 7, 2022

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A Malian minister says Mali “touched” France’s interests

Mali’s Foreign Minister Abdule Dibe has blamed tensions between Paris and Bamako for Mali’s military rule.TouchFor the benefit of France, except for the elections in February.

According to him, supporters of the election want February 27, the first scheduled date. “The same people are coming to regain powerSpeaking during a visit to Brussels on Friday, Abdulla Diob erupted in criticism of France’s recent criticism of the military junta.Because we affected their interests.

France, which claims to defend democracy, has gone to other countries and established stampede heads of state.

Mali’s Foreign Minister Abdouli Dioub.

In a video confirmed by Mali officials on Sunday, the minister accused France of praising coups in the past: “France, which claims to defend democracy, has gone to other countries and established established heads of stateRelations between France and its former colony have been strained since the military seized power in Bamako in August 2020.

Six months ago, France began reorganizing its military presence in Mali, leaving three of its northern territories. With the goal of having only 2,500 to 3,000 by 2023, the number of players in the Sahel dropped to more than 5,000 last summer. Since January, tensions have risen over the adoption of the West African Economic Communities (ECOWAS). Strict sanctions, closing Mali’s borders and keeping the country under sanctions.

Despite earlier promises to hold elections on February 27, the sanctions, which were issued after the military junta announced it would remain in power for another five years, were backed by France, the United States and the United States. ‘European Union. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian this week called for a military coup.Takes illegal and irresponsible actions“In the video, Abdulla Diob responded by postponing the election to Mali.Wants to create something solid tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Mali has been in deep security and political crisis since the eruption of independence and jihadi uprisings in 2012, and has experienced two recent coups in August 2020 and May 2021. The military junta cited insecurity as the reason for the postponement. Paris also blames Wagner’s mercenaries, a Russian paramilitary group From “To supportஆட்சி The ruling regime in Mali under the guise of anti-jihadi struggle. Abdulla Diop responded that Mali and Russia have long been partners, especially in the field of military cooperation.

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