March 22, 2023

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According to his wife, who condemns a kidnapping, Noordin Bri is “between life and death”.

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Saida Akrami, the wife of Tunisia’s former justice minister and Ennahda’s deputy leader Nourdin Brie, was arrested on December 31 and admitted to hospital, calling the conditions under which she was arrested on the antenna of France 24 “kidnapping”. . Professional attorney makes President Keys site “responsible” for the situation in which her husband finds himself.

“My husband was abducted and he is still being abducted. I do not think he is missing because I have no information about his fate,” said Saida Akrami, the ex-minister’s wife. Tunisia Judge Noordeen Bri, guest on Tuesday, January 4th Interview with French Arabic Speaking Antenna24.

The 63-year-old politician is the deputy leader of the Islamic Ennahda party. He was arrested on the morning of December 31st Who were in civilian clothes in front of his house, and drove to an unknown place.

Tunisian Interior Minister Tawfiq Sarfedin justified the arrest on Monday. By “Terrorist Suspicions on File”, Making sure the latter is admitted to the hospital as he refuses all food and medicine and is treated “well”.

According to a delegation from the Commission to Prevent Torture (INPT, Independent Authority) and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who met with him, Nuretin Brie has been admitted to hospital under “close supervision” of “Bizerte (North)” cardiology since Sunday. Many chronic diseases, especially diabetes and high blood pressure.

Six days after his arrest, he still denies “food and medicine,” said Abderrask Gillani, a member of his security committee, who said Wednesday that the former minister was now suffering from “kidney problems”.

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“My husband’s health is very weak, but since he was abducted, he has refused to take many drugs,” says Saida Akrami, while the Ennahda party announced on Monday that it was on a no-brainer strike. He is between life and death, and I hold President Gaius Saeed and Interior Minister Tawfiq Sarfedin responsible for his life and all those who took the decision to remove him and used it.

The interior minister told reporters that Noordeen had offered to visit Priyanka’s wife and she had refused to attend with the doctor. Controversial version by Saida Akrami, a professional lawyer. “This is a lie, this minister did not contact me,” he insists.

Complained of being “abducted”

Saïda Akremi calls for “severe” application of the law and explains that he has complained about Taoufik Charfeddine. For his part, Ennahda’s lawyer and aide, Samir Thilo, told reporters on Monday that the arrest of Nourdin Brie was “a political affair and an instrument of justice”, announcing a “kidnapping” complaint against the president and minister. Interior.

“Are we still under the law or are we now governed by the law of the jungle?” Saida Akrami asks. I smashed myself, my phone was confiscated.

The interior minister said he valued Tunisian law for his part. He also promised to personally confirm it [Noureddine Bhiri] Well conducted. “We have done our safe, legal and human duty,” he said.

Ennahda has been at the center of a feud with President Guiz Saeed since the July 25 coup and his decision to suspend parliament, which the party has controlled for ten years.

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The head of state’s decision has been described as a “conspiracy” by Ennahda and many other protesters, while national and international NGOs have expressed concern. A dictatorial slip.

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