February 2, 2023

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Adama Barrow was re-elected for a second term


Adama Pharaoh’s victory was announced by the head of the Independent Electoral Commission on Sunday evening. According to the overall results announced, the outgoing president won with 53.2% of the vote.

Commission Chairman Aliou Momer NG announced the results of the last volume to the press, “Adama Borough” Elected formally to serve as President of the Republic of Gambia .

According to the overall results announced, the outgoing president will win by 458,519 (approximately 900,000 voters) or 53%. With 238,253 votes (27.7%) far ahead of its main rival and former mentor Ousainou Darboe.

Adama Borough praised the good conduct of the ballot in the evening, especially thanking the Independent Electoral Commission. “ The organization that promised free, fair and transparent elections “As well” ECOWAS Elders Council and former Heads of State leave all their activities and come with us as brothers and sisters “Evidence, according to him,” We must take our destiny into our own hands and find solutions to our problems “. The President promised to dedicate all the resources at his disposal. We want to make Gambia a better country for all.

Our Special Correspondent in Panchul, Charlotte Idrack Went to a rally of supporters of the head of state, where there was a banquet atmosphere that night. McCarthy Square, near the Presidential Palace, greeted supporters who came to celebrate the candidate’s victory with numerous songs, whistles, cheers and dancing.

This is a historic moment, the Gambians are proud of him, we have seen what he has done for the country so far … we have plans, we have peace, democracy and freedom.

Adama Pharaoh supporters celebrate the victory of the current president

The wait for results is long, Area figures are announced in the dropper from Saturday evening. The final results were finally announced at 9pm local time. Prior to the official announcement of the overall results, Ousainou Darboe, along with two other candidates, Mammah Kandeh and Essa Mbaye Faal, issued a statement condemning the delay in the process, while calling for the activists to calm down. . We are thinking of what to do next.

This victory for Adama Pharaoh returned to his post for the second time since he came to power in 2016. For this one round of elections, many Gambians voted on Saturday. According to Election Commission data, nearly 89% of voters cast ballots. The ballot looks like a political test for this young democracy holding its first pluralistic referendum since the fall of Yahya Jammeh.

On November 5, 2021, supporters of incumbent President Adama Pharaoh took to the streets in Banjul to celebrate his victory. AFP – John Wessels

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