May 30, 2023

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Africa-France Summit: “Raising Children” by African Leaders – Levodotian

The format of the last Africa-France summit was not appreciated by some African intellectuals. According to them, by deciding to invite young Africans instead of his African leadership colleagues, Macron once again showed his hatred for his colleagues.

By Dynapa Kane – The curtains fell on the Africa-France summit in Montpellier on October 7 and 8. But the criticisms do not fade. The French president decided to change the design by inviting young people from civil society to discuss the summit instead of his African leadership colleagues, without escaping criticism from some intellectuals on the continent. Some, such as Bopakar Boris Diop, denounce the “deep contempt for the French president’s approach.” In a column on the subject, he said: “We did not say enough of it, but this semantic hatred is particularly evident about his colleagues.” According to the author, “the Africa-France summit is an annual reunion. According to him, “Of course, no one was deceived by these myths, but at least the looks were saved”. Exploring Macron’s approach, the latter “sells Vix, is obliged to criticize some by making it clear that it is indeed Paris, to greet others, and to unify the view in some respects. Not picked up. According to the author, “These people have accumulated a great deal of experience from the time they were active in the shadows to keep Africans in chains, sometimes making sure they do not do the worst. , Because everything is done behind the scenes. If the leaders of the African countries did not like this summit … we would have put them as useless actors. There have been summits in some form since France wanted them with leaders, and where France does not like them, African heads of state, whatever their number, are not significant enough to impose their will on France. Hated. And Mr. Dee added: “We get the impression that African countries are led by leaders who have no character. The youth of African civil society who were invited to discuss with the President did not escape criticism by filtering out Macron about “colonialism”, “arrogance” or “French patriarchy.”
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