May 30, 2023

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Africa wants goals in line with climate change

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What can African nations expect at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) starting in Glasgow on Sunday, October 31st? Although the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will cross a new record in 2020, above all the focus will be on the commitments of the major emitting countries.

“Current stabilizations could lead to global warming of 2.7 C, but this is between 4 ° C and 5 ° C in Africa. This is not acceptable and major donor countries should review their copy., Asks Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) responsible for climate negotiations.

After the conference was canceled in 2020 due to an epidemic Govit-19, Gave governments an extra year to formalize their greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and present their “Nationally Determined Contribution” (NDC) conference.

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The proposed efforts are far less than keeping the average global temperature rise below the target set by the Paris Agreement in 2015 at 1.5 C. This worrying path presents reasonable arguments for the delegates. Debates to bring the issue of adaptation of Africans back to the center. The longer the major emitting countries delay in fulfilling their obligations, the more difficult and expensive the adaptation will be.

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“This is a major problem for Africa. Its future is directly linked to the ability of polluting countries to reduce the gap between the 1.5 ° C range, while the continent has made the least contribution to global warming. [ 4 % des émissions mondiales]. This vulnerability, shared with small island nations, places a significant moral burden on Africans in negotiations. “ Lola Vallejo, head of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (ITRI) Climate Project, underscores this.

Falling agricultural yields

The Africa Group will seek to include in the negotiating agenda the adoption of a “global adaptation objective” aimed at conforming to the states’ emissions reduction objectives.

“The Paris Agreement provides a balance between the funds provided to reduce global emissions and to help countries cope with climate change. But we must go further by setting more precise and quality objectives.” Gabonese Tanguy Gahouma-Bekale, chairman of the African Negotiating Group on COP26, explains. Some countries, such as South Africa, are already putting forward proposals that propose a goal of providing guidance to 50% of the population by 2030 on adapting to the effects of climate change. Then 90% by 2050.

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