May 30, 2023

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After Russia, Turkey was invited to play a role in stabilizing Mali.

Mali continued to throw a wide net to fill the void left by Bargane, which was announced to be withdrawn by the French president. After appealing to the Russian paramilitary group in the wake of the struggle against Paris and its Western allies, it is inviting an international actor to play a role in keeping the country in the grip of the jihadi insurgency since 2012.

Anatoly Agency correspondent Soguel Mega, in an interview attending the World Cotton Day celebrations in Geneva, said Mali needed Turkey’s support in the fight against the groups. Terrorists have not achieved what they set out to do, emphasizing the intentions of foreign intervention.

The prime minister’s new announcement of this change comes in the wake of diplomatic tensions between Malik and France. It is not yet clear what form Turkey’s potential assistance to Mali will take. But this call from Bamako to Ankara is sure not to delight the people at Elios Palace. This would be less for Moscow, which takes steam in Mali.

Opposed in Libya

Although they support two different camps in Libya, Turkey and Russia can tolerate each other well, especially since they will be called upon to fight the same enemy: armed terrorist groups.

In Libya, Moscow Marshal Khalifa was involved in an attempt to retake Tripoli, the capital of Hubbard, from the Western government. For this, Wagner’s services would have been requested. According to the United Nations, cited by TV5 Monte, Russia has 1,200 components of international private security. These are the largest employees of this private security company in Africa.

Russia’s support for Marshal Khalifa Habdar and his troops did not allow the Eastern government to retake Tripoli. The Western government, recognized by the United Nations, counted on Turkey’s support to prevent attacks from the East.

This, despite the denial of Western powers such as France. Ankara replied, Paris is playing Russia’s game.

Despite these criticisms, the Turkish president praised his country’s involvement in the Libyan conflict during the graduation ceremony of the National Defense University in Istanbul. According to Erdogan, “our victory in Libya helped to reject the cards in the Mediterranean.”

Turkey’s invasion of Africa

Like Russia, Turkey is already in the process of participating in the future of the African continent. “Turkish diplomatic growth goes hand in hand with increasing trade relations and foreign direct investment on the African continent”, examines the report of the Applied Geopolitical Institute entitled “Turkey’s Influence on Africa”.

The same document read in Takarto adds: “During each African tour, the Turkish president gets the opportunity to come with his ministers to key portfolios and sign cooperation and trade agreements – ending with forty-five African countries”.

According to the same study, trade has grown sixfold in fifteen (15) years, from $ 3 billion in 2003 to $ 17.5 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $ 100 billion by 2022.

Military assistance in the name of Muslim unity

Military assistance in the name of “Muslim unity” is another lever to be established on the Turkish continent. Ankara had to intervene in Libya within this framework. Already in 2017, reports, Ankara sets up a military base in Mogadishu and eventually trains 10,000 Somali soldiers. Objective: To fight the “Shephops” associated with Al Qaeda.

In Sahel, Turkey contributes $ 5 million to the G5 Sahel and has won arms markets in some countries. This is how the Turkish company ASFAT 4 AEMATT provided demining drones. First, underline the site for Turkish society Visited Takart.

The same site reports that the Turkish military has signed an agreement with Niamey to train Nigerian soldiers to help the country defend itself against Boko Haram. It will also be a question of “logistical assistance to secure borders with Mali and Burkina Faso”. In Senegal, a December 16, 2020 article by the Anatolian Agency reported that “the military received a large amount of military equipment from Turkey as part of military cooperation between the two countries.”

In the field of arms, Turkey has made great strides. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s 2020 report states that Ankara increased its arms exports by 33% from 2016 to 2020, while reducing its imports by 59%.

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