February 2, 2023

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After several battles the convoy of the Burgen Mission finally arrived in Cao


The French army convoy left Côte d’Ivoire and finally reached Cao, after numerous clashes and road demonstrations, in which three people died, especially in Niger, against the French presence in Sahel. Story and descriptions.

Ten days ago a French military convoy heading from C டிte d’Ivoire to Mali finally arrived in Cao overnight from Sunday to Monday. His journey is over Especially in Niger it was interrupted by clashes and demonstrations in which three people were killed.

According to France 24 correspondent Cyril Bayen, these kinds of incidents, the first of its kind, shed light on the question of the French presence in Sahel. “This is an event that was taken seriously by the French General Staff and undoubtedly at the highest summit,” our correspondent explains. “We are in a somewhat critical period of resizing Operation Barken “.

As part of Operation Burgain’s operation to fight jihadist groups, the French military presence in Sahel has been widely criticized in its former colonies of Niger, Burkina Faso and other African countries in the region. ‘Where. “Without the navel flag of this landscape, it would be difficult to continue this process under current rules,” the France 24 reporter noted. “It can set a precedent”.

“It’s a catastrophic situation for this move in its entirety,” says Cyril Bayon succinctly.

“We need to be calm and patient.”

This is the 32nd time the convoy has been targeted as it enters Niger soil on Saturday after being detained for hundreds of weeks in Burkina Faso in protest against France’s presence in Sahel.

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“We were about to take a convoy of vehicles from Abidjan to Cao. We began our convoy on Sunday, November 14. We encountered the first demonstrations, provocations and threats from the most determined protesters in Burkina Faso,” said Captain Franுவாois on the 24th Antenna. Xavier, unit commander of the 2e REP, commander of the military convoy. “It means waiting until the situation calms down before crossing.”

Less than 30 km from the Niger border, he encountered new protests near the western city of Dera, where he was resting overnight. “At this time, the barrier was very important, well-organized and the entire convoy was attacked, especially the civilians we had to carry,” explains Captain Franசois-Xavier.

“We faced a situation that was really unexpected. We have to be calm and patient,” he adds. “We’ve talking about demonstrations, but I feel like I’ll been confronted with scenes of urban guerrilla warfare.”

“I felt the situation was deteriorating. My goal was to get out of this very tense situation,” the French player said.

In a statement, the Nigerian Interior Ministry said on Sunday that French forces, under the auspices of the National Gendermary, had “used force” to “try to oust themselves”. He declared 2 dead and 18 injured, 11 of whom were serious. “An inquiry has been opened to determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy and to identify the culprits,” the ministry continued.

According to Captain Fran பிரான்ois-Xavier, “no weapons were used against the crowd”. “I can not confirm the number announced,” he said.

With Reuters and AFP