December 7, 2022

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After the ECOWAS blockade, Mali recalls its ambassadors and closes its borders


The Malian regime responded to ECOWAS sanctions on Monday and demanded the withdrawal of its ambassadors stationed in neighboring countries. Mali has also announced the closure of its land and air borders with the ECOWAS states.

Increases tension between Mali And ECOWAS countries. The Malian government announced on Monday, January 10, that it would withdraw its ambassadors to West Africa and close its borders with the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS). Banned by West African leaders Gathered the previous day in Agra.

“The Malian government strongly condemns these illegal and illegal sanctions” and withdraws its ambassadors to other countries. Egovas, A government spokesman in uniform, Colonel Abdullah, said in a statement read on Micah National Television.

“The Malian government regrets that West African sub-regional organizations are being exploited by sub-regional forces for indirect purposes,” he added without naming them.

The military junta announces the closure of its land and air borders with the ECOWAS countries.

Air France, for its part, confirmed on Monday that it would not be able to operate services from Bamako to Mali, citing “regional geopolitical tensions related to the embargo imposed by Igovas member states”.

Freezing of financial aid and assets

The ECOWAS and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (Uémoa) on Sunday took serious economic and diplomatic action against Mali, allowing the intent of the military regime to remain in power for many more years.

These actions, in particular, were the result of the colonels’ broken promise to hold presidential and legislative elections on February 27, which would have brought citizens back to the leadership of the country.

ECOWAS, which maintains trade in basic necessities, has also decided to reduce its financial assistance and freeze Mali’s assets in the Central Bank of the West African States (BCEAO).

Member states will recall their ambassadors to Malik in the aftermath of two military coups and a deeper security crisis from 2020 onwards.

They said the ban would take effect immediately. They will be phased out only if the Malian authorities come up with a “acceptable” timetable and make satisfactory progress in implementing it.

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